Five Hand Care Rules for Winters!

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Winters are a beautiful time of the year. Snow, Holidays, Cocoa, Christmas, and a lot of beautiful memories are made during this time. But Winters comes with a drawback. It makes your skin dry, especially your hands become quite dry being always exposed. In today's post, I am sharing super simple Five Rules, by following them you can keep your hands nice and soft through-out the Winters. Let's see!


Five Hand Care Rules for Winters!

1. Avoid Washing Hands Frequently and in Hot Water!

In Winters; our hands already lose their moisture, if you keep washing your hands, again and again, they will get drier. Try to avoid washing too much, also try to wash either with room temperature water or with lukewarm water. Try to switch your Regular Hand Wash to Gentle & Mild Creamy Hand Wash. Also, use those Hand Wash that has hydrating ingredients.

2. Use Gloves while Washing your Dishes!

Whenever you wash your Dishes, make a point that always uses Hand Gloves. Dish Washers are a little harsh as compared to hand wash and while washing dishes your hands constantly get soaked in Water which makes Hands drier and damages the cuticles. If you want your Hands, Nails, and Cuticles healthy, always use Gloves, and try to switch to a little gentle Dish Washers.

3. Use Heavy Duty Hand Cream!

Alteast 4 to 5 times use your Hand Cream. Take a good amount of product on your Hand, massage all over the Hand until the product completely absorbs. Make sure you also cover the back of your hand, nails, and cuticles. Try to find those Hand Creams which have Hydrating and some natural ingredients like Coconut, Aloe Vera, Almonds, Shea Butter, etc.

4. Keep your Cuticles nice and soft!

Your Cuticles are as important as your Hands. If your Cuticles get damage, they also damage your Nails. If you use Lemon and your Cuticles start getting hurt, it means it's high time to take good care of your Cuticles. Keep cutting your dry Cuticles, nourish them with Cuticle Cream or Oil. Daily at night time, massage your Cuticles with Cuticle Oil. If you won't have any Cuticle Oil, use Coconut Oil to massage your Cuticles.

5. Cover Hands while Going Out!

Always cover your Hands with good Woolen Hand Gloves. This will make sure that Dry and Cold Air doesn't damage your Hand further. Also, keep a Hand Cream in your Purse and do apply when needed.

Try to moisturize your hands as much as you can. Follow these simple tips (rules) and enjoy winter. If you have any tips which you like to share with us, write them in the comment section.
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