DIY Flower Rakhi for Kids | Raksha Bandhan Special

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I like festivals a lot. They bring out a lot of excitement, love, and festivity. For this upcoming Rakhi festival, we have shared many DIY Rakhis. Today we gonna teach another super easy Rakhi which you can teach to your kids to make at home. These looks fancy takes 10 minutes to make and the best way to engage your kids in this festival. I am sure your daughter will love this Rakhi and so her brother. Let's see how to make a beautiful Flower Rakhi.


Flower Rakhi for Kids | DIY

All You Need -


Making Process -

Step 1. Cut the Ribbons according to your preferred size. I am cutting 25 cm.
Step 2. On the Centre of the Ribbon, stick the Roses with the help of Glue.
Step 3. On both the sides of the Ribbon (from the center to the left and to the right) stick one-one long stripe of the Gemstone Sticker.
Step 4. Leave 10 minutes to dry out the Glue.
Your lovely Handmade Rakhis are ready.

TIPs - 
1. On Pink Rakhi, I used one big rose, white ribbon, and pearl gemstones. On Red Rakhi, I used three small roses, red ribbon, and red gemstone.
2. With the same procedure, you can make any Rakhi of your favorite color.
3. Use White Glue, you can also use Hot Glue but be extra cautious as Ribbons are super soft and glue can get transferred. Do not use Hot Glue if you are below 12 in age, take help from your parents.
4. If you feel your Gemstone Stickers are not very sticky, then use Glue to hold those in a place.

Teach your kids to make this Rakhi and involve them too in your preparation to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Don't forget to share your recreation pictures and feedback with me.
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