Makeover of the Old Angel into New Angel | Redecorate your Old Show Pieces | DIY

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Has this ever happened to you, that you brought a beautiful showpiece to decorate the home and accidentally it got damaged or the color get faded, now it is looking boring and dull? Well, it happens to me many times. A few months back I bought a beautiful outdoor Angel to decorate our Front Gate. Accidently it got broken and also got a little dirty because of Hail Storms we had in the city. I felt very bad, as l love my little baby angel. I decided to do something to reuse my little angel. I used some Paint and some Flowers and gave the whole new look to my Angel. Not only my family loved our Brand New Angel, but also I started getting questions about it, as it looks unique and more beautiful. This is the best way to redecorate your Patio stuff or to make stuff more festive for Diwali or Christmas. Without any more delay, let's see what we need to do!!


The makeover of the Old Angel into New Angel | Redecorate your Old Show Pieces | DIY

All You Need -


Making Process -

Step 1. First, wash your Patio Piece (Angel) properly with water to make sure there is no dirt present.
Step 2. Leave it to dry for at least 3 hours or overnight.
Step 3. Once the Angel is properly dried, start painting it.
Step 4. Pour some Outdoor Acrylic Color Gold Paint on the Paint Tray Palette. Now with the help of Paint Brush, paint all over the Angel.
Step 5. Wait for some time to let the paint dry, then apply a second coat.
Step 6. Leave it for overnight to dry completely.
Step 7. Now with the help of Rub'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish Paint, start painting all the edges of the Angel. Please follow the instructions mentioned in your Wax Paint.
Step 8. Leave it overnight to dry completely.
Step 9. With the help of Hot Glue Gun, start beautifully sticking the Foam Flowers wherever you want.
Step 10. My Angel's one wing was broken, so I stuck the extra Foam Flowers to make Flower's Wing for the Angel.
Step 11. I also stuck some small Foam Flowers on Angel's head to make a little Flower Crown.
Step 12. Leave it for half an hour, so that everything gonna be nice and secure.
That's it! Your brand new Angel is ready to decorate the Patio.

By following the same instructions you can redecorate any of your old showpieces. So next time if something is looking old then don't throw away, try to recycle it and you will come up with an absolutely new piece. Just be creative and have fun.

Note -
1. You can choose any shade of your favorite color.
2. If you have any broken area any in your showpiece, stick some extra flowers to cover the area.
3. I use my fingers to paint with Rub'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish. If you use your finger, immediately wash your hands after using it.
4. I highly recommended to read and follow all the instruction of the Paint which you are using, as all the paints have different precautions.

Try this DIY and let me know what things you are redecorating. You can send me the pictures too, I love to see your recreations.
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