DIY Zodiac Signs Charm Necklace | Boho Style Jewelry

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Boho style is one of the most popular styles in the Summertime. In today's post, we are going to making the easiest and pretty Boho Necklace where we also going to combine Zodiac Signs. As Zodiac Sign Necklace is also pretty these days, so why don't we also combine these two trends. This Charm Necklace will make you look more elegant, beautiful and you will be a magnet of compliments. So without wasting any more time let's make our Boho Style  Zodiac Signs Charm Necklace!!


DIY Zodiac Signs Charm Necklace | Boho Style

All You Need -

Note- You can buy the Zodiac Charms here.


Making Process -

Step 1. Decide how long you want your Necklace. I want long enough so I am taking 60 cm long chain, so while wearing its gonna be 30 cm long.
Step 2. Cut down the extra chain by using Cutting Plier.
Step 3. Attach both the ends of the chain by using one jump ring.
Step 4. Start attaching Charm Pendants with the chain by using Jump Rings.


Step 5. Take one Charm Pendant to insert Jump Ring by opening with Flat & Nose Plier. Attach with the Chain and close the Jump Ring.
Step 6. Repeat the same process with all the Charms while leaving 3 cms gap in-between. Also, keep using the different Charms (Zodiac Signs) every time.
Step 7. Cover complete chain by attaching Charms, leave only the backside of the chain so you can wear it.
That's it! Your Stylish Boho Zodiac Signs Charm Necklace is ready!!

Try this Necklace and flaunt in this Summers. It looks great in embroidery or plain tops, especially with the Boho Outfits. Don't forget to share your recreation picture and feedback with me.

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