How To Make a DIY Fur Notebook

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Do you ever feel that the Notebook you are using can be more designer and less boring? I mean why not right? Why can't we use the notebook which looks beautiful from front and back too?
One day I was in the market and I saw Fur Journal. This gave me an idea to turn my Journal into something similar. I am happy it turned out pretty well too. You can also make this easy DIY Fur Journal and give your boring Journal a beautiful look.


Fur Journal | DIY

All You Need -

  • Fur Fabric
  • Hard Cover Notebook
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Making Process -

Step 1. Place your Fur Fabric on a flat working surface. Make sure that Fabric back side is upwards facing.
Step 2. Open up your Notebook and place in the center of the Fabric.
Step 3. Cut all the extra Fabric, only leave 2-3 cm extra. Measure according to your Notebook size.
Step 4. Cut all the Corner of the Fabric (according to the size of Notebook) Diagonally and also cut the small triangles from both the center of the Notebook area. We want to cover the Notebook, that's why we are cutting all the extra fabric. To understand this easily, this is similar to applying any book cover.
Step 5. Apply a lot of Hot Glue on the Hard Cover of the Notebook and stick the Fur Fabric to it. Repeat this on both the side.
Step 6. Apply Hot Glue on top of the edge of your Notebook and while folding the edge of the Fabric stick it.
Step 7. Repeat the same to all the edges and stick all the fabric. Basically, wrap your Notebook completely with Fur Fabric.
Step 8. Now you can leave this as it is or you can do one more step to give this Notebook polish look.
Step 9. Take the first paper of the Notebook (in hardcover notebooks, usually they have first two and last two white in color) apply hot glue on top and stick this paper to the hardcover inside.
Step 10. Repeat the same to both of the ends. This will hide all the extra Fur and give your Notebook a professional finish.
Your Fuller Furry Fur Notebook is ready!


This is a very easy DIY and gives all your Journals and Notebooks a new look. Do try this DIY and let us know your feedback with us. Please show some support by liking and sharing the Post. For more such DIYs stay tuned with Khushi's World.
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