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Hello my lovely ladies! 😍
After months of planning & excitement for wedding finally you are married now. Although you are on Cloud9 and enjoying your newly wedding status don't forget to plan your Honeymoon. Don't wait till the end to prepare for it. Today we are sharing Honeymoon Special Tips & Tricks for you girls to make your trip memorable & free from worries.

Honeymoon Tips & Tricks

1. Be Prepared & Pack Before!
Most importantly pack the Honeymoon bag before your wedding. Have it separated from your Wedding bag as you might not need the same stuff  like your heavy Sarees, Jewelries & Footwear in your Honeymoon.

2. Think thoughtfully as per your Destination!!
Are you going to a cold place or a tropical place ?
Pack according to the place where you are going; like for cold weather pack Sweater, Jacket, Full sleeves dresses & for Beaches pack Hat, dresses, shorts & other beach stuff.

3. Count your days!
Over-packing takes extra space in your luggage & may give you stress. If you are going for 5 days then don't take whole house with you. Pack accordingly; like for 5 days you will need 5 day dresses for sure & few evening dresses, so take 8-9 dresses with you.

4. Have some extra space!!
Suppose you are going to Singapore, Dubai or Kerala. Every place will have its own shopping specialties & we girls love shopping. So leave some space in you bag while packing for Shopping. :)

5. Don't wear heavy Jewelry!
It's neither comfortable nor safe to wear & carry heavy Jewelry. When it comes to real jewelry; Mangalsutra & Chain are good enough. You can wear artificial jewelry like matching Statement Necklaces; they also looks trendy & stylish.

6. Most importantly enjoy this beautiful time with your partner!
This is your Honeymoon; the very first vacation with your Husband. You will get more chances of traveling with your Partner but Honeymoon will always be the special one. Don't just waste your time in getting ready too much or just clicking pictures or in stupid fights.
Enjoy this time!! Talk, laugh, relax, go for walk, try new food, make your partner feel how important he is for you. Appreciate each other & fall in love.

I tried to cover all the Honeymoon Tips & Tricks. If you guys have some tips then do share with us. We worked very hard on this Bridal Series, I hope you found this series useful.
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Happy Honeymoon :)

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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