5 Morning Habits Everyone Should Follow!!

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It is said that Your Day is pretty much formed by how much you spend your first hour. If you wake up with dedication then you go to bed with satisfaction. You can yourself see that when you start your day a positive mind then you have that positive energy throughout the day with you whether you are in office, shopping or home. There is a famous book on morning habits which will change your life called The Miracle Morning. Today I will give 5-morning habits from that book so let's begin.
All these habits are from the book and I am also planning to follow the same to get myself a Miracle Morning.


5 Morning Habits Everyone Should Follow!!

1. Silence / Meditation

As soon as we wake up our mind starts thinking about what schedule we have, what works we have to do, what meeting I have to attend, which party, what clothes and so on. There is no end to our thoughts. Instead of this every day we should spend at least a minute to just meditate. Meditation is a broad term if you are new to this I would suggest just spend 1 minute of silence enjoying the outside weather and thinking nothing. Just relax and start your morning with a peaceful mind. This 1 minute will have a huge impact throughout your day.

2. Affirmation 

The meaning of Affirmation here is to tell yourself some good things which you want in your life. For e.g. I am positive, I am having peace of mind, these are some of the affirmations people say to themselves. You can make your own affirmation. If you are thinking that this is a waste of time then just follow it for 21 days and then decide yourself. It is a good habit even top CEOs follow in the world.

3. Visualization 

Affirmation is speaking to yourself while Visualization is creating the images in mind. Things which you want in life & the goals which you have set for yourself, you can start creating images for those. For e.g If someone wants to get into Google Company he can visualize every day that he already has started working in Google, you can visualize its campus and so much more. Just like affirmation do it for a few days and see the result yourself.

4. Exercise 

Everyone knows exercise is so important but out of 100, only 10 people might be doing it regularly. You can do just 5 minutes of exercise in the morning to start with. It increases the oxygen in your body, increases the energy level and you will feel fresher throughout the day. Do it and then see the difference.

5. Reading 

Every day when we wake up first thing we search is our cell phone and iPad for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat feeds. And it is not only our generation even our parents search for the newspaper as the first thing & enjoy it with a cup of tea. But I am not talking about reading these things. This reading is not so useful and may end up putting negative effect on you. I am talking about books which are motivational or we say Self Help Books. In the Morning just read few pages every day instead of wasting your time in other things. Over time this habit will give you a fruitful result.

I hope you have liked this post. The points are taken from the book The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life. You can buy this book using the below link in both printed and kindle format.

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I am gonna try these tips to myself and if you do the same then please share your feedback with us.
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