One of the Best Instant Energy Juice You Can Prepare At Home Today

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Juicing is one of the best ways to load up a lot of nutrients in your body and make your day a healthy one. Many people take coffee or tea for instant energy which is good sometimes but not always. Juicing is a better alternative than this which will give you the super energy minus all the guilt of the processed sugar.
With this note in today's post, I am going to share my all-time favorite Juice which I love to drink when I feel a little low or when the season changes, and I feel little throat pain. This Juice is pretty simple to make and full of Vitamins with only 3 ingredients. I like to call this Instant Energy Juice as it contains Oranges. Let's see how to make it!!


Instant Energy Juice | Recipe

Ingredients :-

  • Orange
  • Palak (Spinach)
  • Ginger



Step 1. In a Juicer add Oranges, Palak(Spinach), and Ginger.
Step 2. I am not adding any sugar as I want my Juice very healthy and pure.
That's it!! The delicious healthy Juice is ready within a few minutes.

Note:- I have a Juicer so I am going to use that if you don't have a Juicer then you can use Blender. Just make sure to add little water, if you feel you can add little sugar too. Also, the quantity of the ingredients is totally up to you as per your preferences.

This Juice is very healthy and perfect for Hot Summer Days. Give it a try and I am sure you gonna love it! This is also a great way to add little Green when you or your kids don't like Veggies.
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