How to decorate your Home with Valance Curtains in Budget | Home Decoration Tip

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Do you know that a beautiful Curtain can totally change the look of your Room? Yes! that is the reason people love to invest in Waterfall Valance to make their Room more attractive and luxurious.

One problem that arises is that not only these Curtains get expensive but also you have to use 2 Rods for Curtains (one for Curtain and the other one for Valance).  We can still go ahead and purchase but for people who are renting, it is not always possible to do such customizations in the house.

Picture - HighEndCurtain

How to decorate your Home with Valance Curtains in Budget | Home Decoration Tip

Some Rental Apartments already come with the Single Rod in the rooms for Curtains and they are very strict to their rules to not to change anything on Walls.

And even if you have your Own Home or you are Ready to invest, the process of Cleaning Waterfall Valance is not that easy!!

So what to do?? Avoid using Valance Curtains!!

Well for those who are living in Rental Apartment or who don't want to spend too much on Curtains or who want to make cleaning process pretty easy, in this post, I am sharing a very easy tip through which can solve all these problems.

All You Need- 

  • Beautiful Curtain attached with Valance
Picture -

This Curtain gives you the look of a five-piece window set all on a Single Curtain Rod.

They are very handy to use, cleaning is easy and affordable too!!

Below is the Curtains Site where you get so many varieties of beautiful Curtains:-

You can choose any color as they come in many different colors and styles. This site can also customize the Curtains and even has very good details on how to measure your Window to buy the right size. Seriously they have many to choose from!! Give this Website a try!! They have good Floor To Ceiling Curtains Collection too.

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