Creaseless Beaded Hair Ties | DIY

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Recently I shared DIY Creaseless Hair Ties which you people loved a lot. If you haven't check that, then click HERE to read. That DIY was very easy and inexpensive, although I got lots of questions asked that "Can we modified the Ties more?" The answer is "Yes". You can choose different patterns and colors of Elastic.
In today's post, I am sharing more DIY Creaseless Hair Ties where we are going to use Beads. These beads are very inexpensive, you can easily find these in any craft store. The best thing is you don't need to buy patterns Elastics, the plain one works great. Let's see how to make these!!


Creaseless Beaded Hair Ties | DIY

All you Need :-

  • Fold Over Elastic (in different colors)
  • Multicolor Beads 
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Sheet Card (Optional)

Making Process :-

Step 1. Measure the Elastic with the scale. 8-10" is a good length.
Step 2. Cut both the edges diagonally.
Step 3. Start passing Beads one by one on Elastic.
Step 4. Fold your Elastic into the half.
Step 5. Tie a knot at the ends of Elastic.
Make a bunch of these with different Beads; you can even use same color Beads too & place these on Sheet Card.
Your beautiful Beaded Hair Ties are ready!!

Make as much as you want in different colors with different beads. You can also gift these to your friends & family. Do try this DIY and don't forget to share your feedback with us.
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