Creaseless Hair Ties | DIY

Hello, my beautiful gals!! 😍
Few things are always hard to find when we are running late; like Hair Clip, Safety Pins & most importantly Hair Ties. I have a bunch of Hair Ties but it is always hard to find those. Can you guys relate to me too? I mean whether we want to go to College, School, Market, Gym or anywhere. We all need Hair Ties especially if we have medium to long Hair.
In Today's post, I am going to make a bunch of Creaseless Hair Ties in different colors. You can use them for yourself or it's a perfect gift for your friends. It's pretty easy to make & takes only 2 mins. After making this I am sure that you will not run out of Hair Ties. So without further delay lets make it!!


Creaseless Hair Ties | DIY

All you Need :-

  • Fold Over Elastic (in different colors)
  • Scissors 
  • Scale
  • Sheet Card


Making Process :-

Step 1. Measure the Elastic with the scale. 8-10" is a good length.
Step 2. Cut both the edges diagonally.
Step 3. Fold your Elastic into the half.
Step 4. Tie a knot at the ends of Elastic.
Step 5. Make a bunch of these in different colors and place on Sheet Card.
Your beautiful Hair Ties are ready!!

I hope you like this easy 2 mins DIY!! We are using Sheet Cards just to secure all Hair Ties in one place. Whenever you want to give it as a gift use Sheet Cards; it looks cute. You can write messages also on the Card. Enjoy your Custom made Hair Ties!! :)
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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