Roasted Poha Chivda Recipe

Hello my beautiful people!!😀
Usually in Diwali I either make Sweets or Namkeen like Mathri or Crackers. When it comes to Namkeen or Chivda I prefer buying from the Market, but this Diwali I decided to make every snack and sweet at home including Namkeen.
In today's post we are making Roasted Poha Chivda or Namkeen. I have tried this Recipe first time and it turned out delicious, me and my husband is obsessed with this Chivda now.😋 I feel the best part is, it's a healthy option as compared to other fried ones. This is my version of Recipe where I modified some ingredients according to my preference like I added Almonds and Kaju which is not mandatory to add.
I hope you and family will like this Recipe too! Let's see how to make it!!


Roasted Poha Chivda | Recipe

Ingredients :-

  • 2 1/2 cups Thin Poha
  • Half cup Dry Coconut Flakes
  • Half cup Peanuts
  • 12-13 Almonds
  • 1/4 cup Roasted Kaju 
  • 4 Green Chillies Sliced
  • 14-15 Curry Leaves
  • 4 tbsp Oil
  • Half tsp Rai (Mustard Seeds)
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • Half tsp Haldi
  • Half tsp Red Chilli Powder
  • Salt to taste

Method :-

Step 1. Take a Pan, roast the Poha on medium heat around 5-6 mins till it slightly change the color. Keep stirring.
Step 2. Once it is roasted keep it aside.
Step 3. In the same pan roast Coconut Flakes for around 2 minutes, after that keep it aside too.
Step 4. In the same Pan add 2 tbsp Oil and roast Peanuts and Almonds on medium heat for around 6-7 minutes till it gets golden color and then keep it aside.
Note :- I am already using Roasted Kaju, that's why not roasting it again. If you are using the Plain ones then don't forget to roast them.
Step 5. Till now everything which is ready, put all of that in the same Bowl.
Step 6. In that mixture, add Red Chilli Powder, Sugar and Salt. Give it a good mix.
Note :- I like to do this Step-6 now so that everything gets properly mixed, you can totally do this step later.
Step 7. In the same Pan, heat 2 tbsp Oil! Once the Oil gets Hot, add Mustard Seeds, then Green Chillies and Curry Leaves. Cook it properly around a minute or two.
Step 8. Now add Haldi and then the whole mixture which we have already prepared before.
Step 9. Cook it on medium heat by stirring around 3-4 minutes.
Step 10. Once your Chivda/Namkeen is cooked, let it cool down in Room temperature. After cooling you can store this in Air-tight Container.
Your tasty Roasted Poha Chivda is ready! Served this with Tea, Coffee or Juice!!

Note :- You can change the quantity according to your preference, even ingredients. I added lots of Peanuts and Curry Leaves as I like it. you can totally customize according to your taste, just use same method of cooking.

I know seeing the steps it looks like lot of Work, but trust me it's not at-all difficult. Try this Recipe and share your Feedback with us!! All the very best!!! Also please like and share the post.
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