Organize Earphones and Long wires | Hack

Keep Long EarPhones and Wires Untangled and Organized using this easy Hack.

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Wired Headphones are one common accessory that is handled with the least care. Everyone with SmartPhones will usually have their headphones with them. EarPhones gets easily tangled within 2 minutes of putting it in the pocket and then we waste 5 minutes detangling the earphones. Today's Hack is to organize earphones and similar long wires and save our time.

Organize Earphones and Long wires | Hack

Organize EarPhones and Long Wires | Hack

All You Need -

Small Hair Clips

How to Use -

Step 1. Wrap your earphones in a circular motion starting from the other end of where earplugs are.

Step 2. When you are almost done and near the earplug secure the wrapped wire using Hair Clip.
That's it you are done. Now next time you will not have your Ear-Phones damaged because of this tangling. Do the same process for Long Wires too to keep them organized.




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