Yellow Color Glass Beads Bracelet | DIY

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When it comes to wearing jewelry in Summers one thing you will notice everywhere is Glass Beads Bracelets in different colors. Whether it is a beach outing or a Garden picnic people wear multi-color bracelets & even Shopping Stores are full of Beads Bracelets. In today's post, I am sharing How to make your own Glass Beads Bracelet. This is very easy DIY, doesn't need tools or much time. With the same strategy, you can make tons of them & with a variety of colors.
I am making 2 different styles of Bracelets which will look like a Pair as the main color is the same. One is in the Yellow color and the other one is in Mint-Yellow color. In this post, we are making the Yellow Color Glass Beads Bracelet.
So without further delay let's see how to make it!!

Yellow Color Glass Beads Bracelet | DIY

Yellow Color Glass Beads Bracelet

All you Need-

  • Yellow Glass Beads (medium size)
  • Stretch Cord
  • Scissors 

Making Process -

Step 1.  Take the stretch cord & measure your wrist size with it. Cut 3 inches more than the size.
Step 2.  Secure one end (so that beads don't slip) and start working to the other end.
Step 3.  Start adding Yellow Glass Beads on the cord till you get bracelet according to your hand size.
Step 4. Now just check whether the bracelet is coming on your hand properly. If you feel there are more or fewer beads you can add/remove the Yellow beads.
Step 5. Using both the ends of the cord, make 3-4 knots to properly tie the bracelet. Cut any extra cord if remaining.
Your beautiful Yellow Bracelet is ready.

Yellow Color Glass Beads Bracelet | DIY

For making Mint Yellow Bracelet check out this link.

Wear these bracelets in a Pair, it will look much nicer!! Enjoy this summer with color bracelets and you can also customize your Jewelry by choosing your beads. Make as many as you like in different colors!! Also, don't forget to share your recreations with me, will love to see them. :)
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