How to be Happy even when you are feeling low!!

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Every day is not the same. Sometimes we feel very happy, excited, energetic & there may be some days where you are feeling low, depressed, or sad. First thing, don't worry You are not Alone. In a research, it has been found out that 30% of the people are either sad, low or depressed every day. First of all, acknowledge your feeling & the true reason behind it. It happens that when we are sad we start thinking about all the things which make us sad. After some time our feeling of sadness increases more & we forget our actual cause of the feeling.

How to be Happy even when you are feeling low!!

There are many things which we can do to shift our mood from low to cheerful or happy. Everyone has their own way to tackle however we are putting some of the points which you can do immediately during these times. Let's see!!

1. Do something that makes you happy.

This is not an easy thing to do but this is the must-do for you at this time. If you are unclear on what makes you happy always prepare a list of things no matter how small they are which makes you feel good. That list always comes in handy during this time. For e.g. Listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite Movie or playing PS4 or just your favorite Angry birds. The list can contain anything and keep making modifications to the list as your life moves on.

2. Write & then Let it go.

You might have seen on TV shows, Movies or in Real life that some people write a secret diary every day. It seems foolish and I am not telling you to maintain any diary but believe me during depression or sadness if we can't share our feelings with others then share it in a way where no one is judging. Write whatever you feel whatever you think and let it out from your inner self. You can write it in any piece of paper and then just destroy those pages. There is no need to look those back. In this way, you will definitely feel light-hearted.

3. Connect with Friends & Family.

Talk to your best friend, your mom, your brother or anyone who you think is a good listener and who can understand you. You can talk out your problems, your worries, or anything which may or may not be related to your current emotions. Sometimes by sharing your feelings you get the heavy burden lifted from your chest and then you will start feeling better.

4. Cook or Eat Your Favorite.

There are people who eat food for living and there are some who live for food. No matter which category you belong there are two immediate ways to come out of your sad mood. If you like cooking food then prepare your favorite recipe or prepare something totally new from your favorite cooking channel or our Khushi's World๐Ÿ˜œ. It will take your attention away from the negative vibes you are getting. If you don't like cooking go out to your favorite restaurant or order your favorite food.

5. Read something positive.

Books are the best & loyal friends to humans. We all should always have good positive motivating books at home. Whether we read them regularly or not if you are not feeling low start any of the inspiring books you have it. In case you don't have it there is always Google Search where you can find tons of free ebooks. There are few YouTube Channels also which are getting popular these days which are providing a summary of good books in an easy way for everyone to understand. Books will take you to a different world and believe me that is much much better than what you can ever imagine at this time.

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So above are a few of my points which you should definitely try it out. You can do it even when you are not feeling low or just need some change. I hope you like it. Through Khushi's World, we are always trying to give our best and making the world a better place one post at a time. Do let us know your feedback and suggestions and how you are dealing with this kind of situation.
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