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A big beautiful day is coming for you and you are all excited and stressed at the same time. Every bride wants her wedding day to be a perfect day and who wouldn't want it. For this every bride is plans her wedding from long before to avoid last minute hassle. But believe me whatever you do, how much planning you do there will always be something which can come up at the end and you might end up getting in stress. It is but natural as Wedding always follow Murphy's Law; What can go wrong will go wrong. However don't worry today we are sharing some important key points to make your wedding a Stress Free Wedding.

How to have a Stress Free Wedding

1. Have someone by your side! 

Wedding is a time when we have lot of people around you and lot of things going near you. Still you need someone to be always by your side for anything you want. You can ask her whatever you need and even if you have some stress while talking to her it will go down soon.

2. Delegate Tasks!

There will be unlimited number of things which you might need to take care whether related to you or your wedding. Delegate the tasks to others too and don't try to be a superwoman at this time. This is your time to enjoy and you need to take care of yourself for your special day.

3. Talk with Fiance!

Your Fiance will be in same condition as you and it would be good if you can talk to him before Wedding and be connected. After all you are going to spend your life with him and if you can share your happiness together then you can share your stress too. 

4. Take your 'Me' time & Pamper yourself!

In the hassle of wedding it is very important to be in peace of mind and have total control of yourself. That's why if you need your space take it no matter how many guests are there, after all they are there for your wedding only. Have a Spa or anyway you feel relaxed do it. If you want to look the best, you have to feel good from inner-self too. 

5. Be Positive & Accept you can't control everything!

No matter what you do there will be things which will be a surprise for you on that day. Stay calm, drink lots of water and be positive. At the end no matter what happen, if you are happy you will look beautiful and this day will be the most memorable day of your life.

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