Budget friendly Valentine's Day

Hello my beautiful people :)
We often hear that money can buy happiness. Of-course money can give you a comfortable life, gives you freedom to buy things for your loved ones however it doesn't mean that if you don't spend money you will not get happiness. Today I was talking to one of my friends about Valentine's Day plans & she told me that she don't have much budget so she cannot plan anything. That time I realized that may be there are some people who also think the same way & that's why I thought why not to write about it. You don't need much money to celebrate this day.
Why are we actually celebrating this Day?? Because we all get so busy in our daily life that we often forget to spend some quality time with our loved ones. And This day gives you an opportunity to change that.
In today's post I am sharing few ways to celebrate V Day under budget.

Memorable Walk

Go for a walk with your loved ones !! Make it special, while walking remind each other the good times which you spent in the past & enjoyed alot. We all have some happy memories but we hardly get time to recall. Use this time to the best & remember all good things.

Movie Date

Create your own movie date at home. Just throw some Pillows & Blanket in your living room watching T.V. Make some popcorns & snacks!! Choose the all time favorite movies of him/her or of both. Light some Candles & enjoy this time together.

Dinner date

You can celebrate V Day with tasty Dinner at home as restaurants gonna be over crowded. Prepare some tasty food of your partner's choice, decorate dinning area with some Candles. Even if you don't know cooking you can go with instant stuff like Noodles. The point is to have Candle light dinner with good laughs & give time to each other not to have a fancy dinning table or so many food options to eat.

Games Night

If your partner loves Games then arrange a Games Date. Me & my husband loves Foosball & Uno, if your partner loves PS4 or any other indoor games then arrange them together. With games have some Chips & Cold drink, dress up like a sports man/woman.

Cooking Date

You can make a Cooking Date, this way you will not only prepare food together but also spend more time with each other. Cook something which you have never cooked before or something which you both love.

Dance Night

If you people love Dancing than be spontaneous. Select some music track in advance, if you have some disco light use them. Just dance together like nobody cares :)

Appreciation Game

This game is one of the best games for couples & my Favorite one too. Take paper & pen & a timer. Now set the timer for 5 mins & start writing the things which you love about each other. After 5 mins stop, now start reading loudly one by one what you have written. This is how you can be aware of which things you likes about your partner. Remember no complaints only Complements.

Make your own Gifts

Lastly the main question which always gives stress is what to gift her/him?? Well the perfect answer is make it!! Yes Do it yourself. Don't take stress whether it will turn out good or not. Make a good Card or Cake or Body Scrub or like the one I shared before; Jar Of Love. These things are not expensive & as they are homemade that's why they are more special. You can make gifts spending time with each other also.

These are few of my ways to celebrate V-Day in Budget. I hope you will get some idea! Remember money can buy every thing but not your time & love. Enjoy your V-Day with love.
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Happy V-Day.

Stay special .. Be Blessed

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