Useful Gift Ideas for Her

Hello Guys!!
Valentine's Day is right here & finding gift for your loved one is not only important but a difficult task too. Specially because your loved ones are special for you!! I personally feel that perfect gifts are those which not even lasts long but at the same time very useful.
In today's post I am sharing useful Gift Ideas for Her. You can always buys Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Soft toys, Show piece & so on. If you are new in relationship these things feel so good but if you are in a relationship from very long like me & want to give something useful then here is my list :-

Note :- Here I am giving some options, you can choose according to your budget and likings.

1. Time

Time is the most important part in any relationship. If you get Diamonds for her but don't have time to spend with her, her happiness will be half hearted. Take some time in your busy schedule for her, I know this year 14th Feb is on weekday. If you are busy on weekday then take some time on weekend. But at least inform her & try to spend time with her for dinner.

2. Watch

Watch is the most useful accessory & it lasts very long. Make sure that you know her taste, if she likes a particular brand, particular dial type like big or small. If she like small dial watches I suggest to go with bracelet watches.

3. Perfumes

I personally love perfumes & I know some people say that a couple shouldn't give each other perfumes to avoid fights. Personally I don't believe in this. Me & my husband loves perfumes & we are giving each other those from last 7-8 years. If you don't believe in such type of thing then definitely go for perfumes. I personally loves fruity & flowery smell.

4. Jewelry

A delicate Necklace or Bracelet is always a good option, specially if she loves Jewelry. Even Rings & Earrings looks gorgeous!! There are so many options in Jewelry, if you are choosing Ring then make sure that you know her size.

5. Cloth Items

What if She is not a Jewelry or Accessories lover, for those cases you can give her a beautiful Saree, Top, Kurti or Scarf. Yes again in Top or Kurti you need to know her size.

6. Fitness Stuff

Fitness is in fashion. People are running marathons nowadays. If she is also a fitness freak & loves Yoga, Dance or Running then give her a good Water Bottle or Membership of her favorite Dance Classes. You can even give her Fitbit too!!

7. Planner or Diary

Girls loves planning & writing in her journal. Give her a beautiful Planner or Diary. Along with this you can also give a Pen, Marker or other Planning Suppliers.

8. Gift Cards

If your girl is little choosy or you are not able to find the right gifts then Gift Cards are a savior. Buy Gift Cards as per her likings, if she loves Makeup buy Sephora or MAC gift card. If she loves coffee then buy Starbucks gift card. If she loves shopping then go with Forever21 or H&M gift card. Here I am just giving you the options of shops but you can choose accordingly.

9. Spa Session

A perfect Spa day is great gift option in today's busy life. Give her a Spa day treat like Hair Spa or a Body Spa.

10. Electronic Items

If your girl loves high tech stuff then you can give her Ipod, Ipad, Tablet, Mobile, Macbook or Head phones.

11. Handbag

A beautiful stylish Hand bag or classy Clutch are also great options.

12. Books

For those who are book lovers I suggest gift her a good book of her favorite author. Try to give something romantic as the per the occasion.

This is my list for Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for her. Trust Me, girls' shopping options are endless!! Sunglasses, Footwear, Makeup & so many other options are also there!! If I start writing everything then this post will be endless. LOL! For now above ones are my options. I hope you will get some idea from this post.

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Stay special .. Be Blessed

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