Must Have Apps For SmartPhones

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SmartPhones have literally changed our lives. From the time your day begins to the time when you sleep smartphones are always with us. Pen has no use without ink similarly Phones without good apps are just Phones not SmartPhones.
There are millions of apps in the phone market and sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose the apps what we require and what we don't. Thats why I have come up with a list of my favorite and essential apps which you should have in your Smartphone. I tried to list the apps which are mostly free and common for both Android and IOS; however you should always check it before installing.
Lets look at the apps :-

Must Have Apps For SmartPhones


  • Whatsapp :- January 2010, the time this app changed the way how people communicate with each other. Whatsapp provides voice calls, messaging, video calls, document sharing(upto 100 MB) and all that for free. Available in both Android and IOS.
  • Facebook Messenger :- Developed by Facebook this is again free messaging app between Facebook Users. You can exchange pictures and other docs also within this app. Available in both Android and IOS.
  • SnapChat / Instagram :- With Selfies and Pictures everywhere these two apps are used to socialize and share your live stories with everyone. Snapchat is mostly famous because of its wide variety of filters. Instagram have also come up now with Instagram stories giving a good competition to SnapChat. Available in both Android and IOS.
  • Google Photos :- With the increase in the pictures taken the space required to save them is also increasing. Nowadays not all phones comes with external memory card making it more difficult to store pictures. Google Photos is the solution for it. It is free with unlimited storage.( Please check their website for complete details ). Available in both Android and IOS.
  • Google Drive/ DropBox :- These apps are used to save all your data like documents, spreadsheets, files and so on. It will be very useful for you if you use your mobile for your work. They are free with a good amount of storage available.Available in both Android and IOS.
  • Cozi :- This app has won awards for the must have apps in the recent years. Cozi is family organizer app.This app has so many features like a shared calendar, to do list, family journal. It is best to keep and organize the family's daily works.Available in both Android and IOS.
  • Pocket :- The company says, "When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket".  Pocket app goes with their literal meaning. While reading something you got interrupted, save it in Pocket and read later. It can sync from so around 500 apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. Available in both Android and IOS.

  • 1 Second Everyday :- What if you can see your everyday in the past within seconds. This app has come up with this idea and believe me I am loving this. Just check their website and you will understand the rest. Available in both Android and IOS( IOS - Not free)

  • Waze :- Google Maps and Waze are definitely two of the most popular apps for navigation. Google Maps is simple to use but Waze is currently the best one for Driving specially with a little entertaining icons. Available in both Android and IOS.

  • Uber/Ola/Lyft :- These are one of the taxi or cab services which is very popular nowadays. Book the cab in seconds and go anywhere. Uber and Lyft are very popular in US and other foreign countries where as Ola is more for Indian app. Available in both Android and IOS.

  • Google Trips :-  Going to Singapore or NewYork or any other city around the world plan your trip and put all your reservations like Airplane Ticket, Flight Tickets etc in one place. Google Trips is one of the best apps for planning a travel and making the best trip there. One more good feature is your can download all the data offline even for the places where the internet is not available. Available in both Android and IOS.

  • Companion :- Many of us have to walk alone at night & we might not feel so secure. Using this app you can make someone as companion so every time you are alone somewhere, your companion will know about your live map and also whether you have safely reached or not. I would say give it a try for sure. Available in both Android and IOS.

I hope you have liked this post. I tried to mention some of the favorite apps but as the Apps market is a quite large one there are lot of missed ones too. Let me know your favorite apps too.
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  1. Yeah,Your right the most importants apps are ola,uber...etc

    1. Yes Jessi nowadays they have become part of our daily life


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