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Studded Sweater | DIY

Hello, my beautiful people! :)
Winters means Sweaters, Jackets, Boots & Hot cup of Coffee! I love my Sweaters!! But, wearing same Sweaters throughout the season are too boring, specially when some Sweaters are with you for years & years :) I still remember the time when I was kid & every year my mom ask me to wear the same Sweater. I get bored but couldn't do anything!! However from last two years I started doing Reuse & Recycle which gives me more options to Jazz up my old stuffs.
In today's post I am going to show how you can ditch your old Sweater & give it a complete new look. This DIY is perfect for reusing your Old or Over Sized Sweaters. And the best part of the DIY is it is very much in current fashion trend. People are paying good amount for Studded Sweaters in the market but you can customize it according to your choice. So without further delay, let's begin:)


All you Need  :-

  • Over sized Sweater / Old Sweater
  • Square Pyramid Studs (Or Any other available Studs)
  • Knife (Optional)

Making Process  :-

Step 1.  Flatten out the Sweater so you can see the area you are working with. Its upto you which area you want to choose either neck area or shoulder.
Step 2.  Place the first stud on the one side of the neck. Stab it through & carefully fold back the prongs with your fingers/nails or a knife.
Step 3.  Now continue placing the stud in the same line. Refer the picture if you have any doubt.
Step 4.  Once you are done, check once again that you have properly folded back the prongs, as you have to wear this.
Your beautiful Studded Sweater is ready. I made two of them one Neck Studded Sweater & other one is Shoulder Studded Sweater. You can make any number of DIYs as per your wish.

I hope you guys like this post & if you guys try this do share your recreations with me.
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Take care guys!! Happy Winters!!!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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