Haven't we done any mistakes in our life??

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Recently there has been a big blunder which has been watched all over world related to wrong announcement of Miss Universe 2015. And the man who committed this mistake is a famous very versatile American actor Steve Harvey. We all watched how he did his mistake. Every news channel, every newspaper,  everywhere media is showing his tape and highlighting his mistake. He became the latest fun for everyone and all the people started criticizing him.
This is one of the example of how people forget all you did in the past and with your one mistake they get a chance to say anything to you. I have a question to all who were blaming him, "Have you not done any mistake in your life?". In this particular example people who were criticizing didn't see that after committing a mistake in front of millions of people he had the courage to apologize and correct his mistake immediately. He took it seriously & faced people bravely in the situation where many of them would not have the courage to take stand.
Today's article is my first article for new year 2016. And I would like to start it with a good note. Let's make ourselves a better person and our world a better place to live in.

Haven't we done any mistakes in our life ??

First of all Happy New Year to all of you. May this year brings peace & Prosperity to everyone.
Most of us start the new year by taking new resolutions. Some Resolutions are Health related like "I will go to gym everyday in 2016" or "Everyday 30 min exercise" or they may be Financial related like "I will save this much money in 2016".
But how many of us takes resolutions or think about our personal growth or behavioral improvement? Our choices, decisions and opinions in life are all based upon our thoughts & our way of thinking in life. In the top of the article I have mentioned about Steve Harvey. The reason behind this is that I want to give a message to everyone that continuously criticizing others or thinking bad about them will not give anything in life.
This New Year instead of making big new year resolutions & plans I am requesting all of you to please make one rule in life "Not to criticize people every time !!".  I know you all will be asking why to bother this much, let the things remain how it is, if this is not happening with me then why to care. But believe me friends if you look back in your past we all might have faced this problem in our life.
You might have done 99 good things in your life but if you had committed only 1 mistake, people are ready to forget your 99 things. People tend to easily forget your good deeds but your mistake is always remembered. And I don't blame us because we are human beings & it is our nature. However let's try to change this from 2016.

Let's develop little patience, let's listen to other people, let's all understand each other, let's put ourselves in others shoes before blaming them, let's forgive and let's love.

I know breaking any habit is a tough job but thinking this & not doing this is not the solution. Let's break big promises and commitments into small jobs & accomplish the job. Let's avoid negativity together because only positivity can make our life peaceful..

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I hope from this note we will kick start our 2016. Together fill this year with only positive vibes.😊 If you like this post do share it with your family and friends. Follow me on Khushi's World Facebook Page, Google+ , Instagram and Pinterest for more Posts. I will see you in next post till then take care.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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