5 Beauty uses of Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil or should I say wonder oil is one of the common product which we all have in our homes. This product we are using from our childhood till today mostly for Oiling our hair. However I called this is as wonder oil because it has so many other beauty uses too. Many celebrities also have this as one of their favorite ingredients. From head to toe this oil has so many benefits for your skin.

Easily available & less on price makes it ideal to involve it in our beauty products. Today I am going to share 5 of the ways you can use Coconut Oil. Lets begin.

Coconut Oil is :-

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Excellent Moisturizer
  • Easily absorbing
  • Heels the skin

 5 Beauty uses of Coconut Oil

1.  Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil not only removes complete face makeup but it can also remove waterproof eye makeup. Yes, coconut oil even works on waterproof mascara too !! Take a small amount of coconut oil & massage in circular motion, within a minute your makeup will start melting. Just wipe with cotton pad & follow with your favorite face wash.

2.  Body Lotion 

Coconut Oil is great to moisturize the body. The best thing is that it's very affordable & natural remedy for heeling your skin with dry patches. Whenever I feel dryness on my body, I just apply coconut oil all over my body in the night time & leave it overnight. The next morning I wake up with smooth & soft skin.

3.  Cuticle Oil 

Its not only good as a body lotion but there is one more benefit of coconut oil which you might be hearing first time. Coconut Oil works as a superb Cuticle Oil, instead of buying expensive cuticle creams use coconut oil. It helps to cure cracked skin & nourish cuticles.

4.  Body Scrub

You can get all types of body scrubs from the market but nothing can replace the organic & natural things. You can make a home-made scrub according to your skin type by just mix sugar & coconut oil. Once you have a scrub ready gently massage in circular motion all over the body. There are so many other scrubs also you can make with coconut oil.
            If you want do let me know I will share some DIY Scrub recipe with coconut oil. As coconut oil is great for deep moisturizing, it gives you a soft skin & gently removes dead skin at the same time.

5.  Deep Conditioner

'Using Coconut Oil on your hair will makes our hair healthy' this is the very common & traditional tip which we all have heard from our grandparents. I personally don't apply it on hair on regular basis but whenever I feel my hair have gone rough & dry, I apply coconut oil in the night time & leave it as it is. The next morning I wash my hair with shampoo & follow with conditioner. It leaves my hair soft & very silky.  

I hope these little tips work for you too as they work for me. So keep Coconut Oil always with you & try its different uses next time. There are so many other tips with Coconut oil as it a like a miracle product but will share those in my future posts.
Take Care of yourself !!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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