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Hello, my beautiful people !!
Do you want something out of the ordinary to store your pencils & pens ?? What if you can create your own customized pen case ?? Do you want to send kids to school with a cute & lovely pencil case which you make for them ?? Today's DIY will help you all to do something fun & creative. It is simple & creative & will not take much of your time too. We will create our own Pencil cum Pen case. So let's begin the fun.

DIY Pencil Case - Khushi's World

Beautiful Felt Pen /Pencil Case

All You Need -

  • Felt ( Cloth to create your pencil case )
  • Embroidery thread & needle ( with a large eye )
  • Button
  • Scissors
  • Pencil & Scale ( To mark & cut properly )

DIY Pencil Case - Khushi's World

Making Process -

Step 1.  Mark using pencil & scale & then cut the felt into two rectangles using scissors. One rectangle should be longer than others by at least 6 inches.
Note: - The small rectangle size should be at least more than the size of the pencils you are going to put into it.
Step 2.  Using embroidery thread & a needle stitch up the sides of the rectangle from left, right & bottom. After stitching the case should look like the backside should be longer & the front side smaller.

DIY Pencil Case - Khushi's World

Step 3.  On the front side sew the button around 1-2 inches down the top.
Step 4.  Fold the backside & snip a buttonhole accordingly.
Step 5. Your beautiful DIY pencil case is ready. You can put your pencils inside it & see how it looks.

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