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Necklace cum Headband

Hello my Pretty Ladies :)
Day by Day Jewelries are getting pretty expensive that's why Multi-purpose jewelry are pretty much in fashion this days. To share something related to this with you all I made a 2-in-1 Jewelry which you can use as a Headband/Hairband & also as a Necklace.
       I love this jewelry because in a single day you can change your look 2 times with this adorable statement piece. And the best part of this Jewelry is that I made this by using my Old Jewelry. As you all know I love doing Reuse & Recycle my stuff.
I hope you gals like this. Lets jump into its making process now without delaying :)

Reuse & Recycle : Necklace cum Headband

Khushi's World Necklace cum Headband

All you Need :-

  • Old Bracelet (you can choice what you have)
  • Round Red Beads
  • Tube Red Beads
  • Fine Cotton Beading Cord
  • Needle
  • Scissors 

Khushi's World Necklace cum Headband

Khushi's World Necklace cum Headband

Making Process :-

Step 1.  Clean both the ends of the bracelet, for instance their locks.

Step 2.  Cut the thread as per the length of your Head. Add a little extra so that if you need you can use it.

Step 3.  Tie the Cord on the one end of the bracelet.

Step 4.  Insert the thread through the eye of the needle.

Step 5.  Slide all the beads on the thread. First place 4 Round Red Beads then 1 Tube Red Beads then again 4 Round Red Beads & so on.

Step 6.  Once you are satisfied with the result, join the other end of the cord to the bracelet.

Your beautiful custom made Necklace cum Headband are ready to use. :) Now it's totally up to you whether you like to wear this as a Necklace or as a Headband. :D

You can customize your Jewelry by choosing your beads. From now on-wards don't throw your old Jewelry. Enjoy :)

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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