How to Get Rid of Nervousness

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"Confidence is the key to success". I definitely believe in this quote that in your life whatever work you do, whatever exam you appear, may be you are doing a presentation in front of boss, may be you want to propose your dream girl, Confidence is a must. However many of us must have felt the opposite of confidence in our lives. Nervousness is a human behavior & it is perfectly normal to feel nervous. I myself have felt nervousness during my school & college exams. However if we are feeling nervous each & every time then we should definitely try to control it.
Today I am sharing some of the tips to control our nervousness & which will definitely prove useful to get a good positive confident life.

How to Get Rid of the Nervousness 

1. Be Prepared

Many of the times when we feel nervous about anything is because we are not well prepared. One of my friend never studied till the day before the exam & whenever we met before the exam hall he was always nervous.( Well when it comes to exams even students which are well prepared becomes nervous ). If you have to present a monthly report of the sales to your boss tomorrow & you have not started it yet then it is definitely going to make you nervous. Point is be well prepared in advance. Preparing & practicing things beforehand gives you a confidence boost & reduces nervousness. Try to be proactive rather than reactive. This will make a huge difference in your life.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a tool which can kill many of your physical & mental problems. Exercise increases production of hormones in your body which reduces your nervousness & anxiety.  Take some deep breathes whenever you feel nervous. Deep breathing reduces your blood pressure & slows down your heart rate to normal.

3. Rationalize your fear

It is said that we should always think about positive scenarios but you can try reverse psychology also. It helps many of the people to overcome the nervousness. I will give you an example to help you understand this. Suppose you are going for an interview for your job & you are feeling very nervous about it. Try to think of the "worst that can happen. May be you will not get that job?" but that will not be the end of the world. I have seen many people who got rejected in their first interviews but later they landed into much bigger & successful companies.

4. Listen to Music

For all music lovers, if you are feeling nervous try to listen to some of your favorite music for sometime. You can definitely add your singing to your songs but just check out that you are not disturbing your neighbors ( kidding ).

5. Visualization 

If you are feeling nervous you can visualize some good pictures which makes you smile or make you feel good. It can be anything like a calm place, any old memory of yours, or anything which you can imagine. It just takes your imagination & a minute to get you out of this nervousness.

The above points are few of the points which I am suggesting for reducing nervousness. Try this next time you feel nervous about something & let me know did it help or not.
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