Top Must Have Beach Essentials

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Sun is at its peak, temperatures are rising, no doubt its time to go on a beach vacation. Bluewater, beautiful sunsets, white sand & a long walk this is what lovely beach looks like. So this summer does plan a trip to your favorite beach destination. Whether you are going on a beach for one day or a week below is my list of things to pack.


Beach Essentials

1.  Beach Bag

Every beach trip is incomplete without a good-sized beach bag. You can take a cute bag which will make it a perfect companion. A good-sized beach bag can accommodate all of your stuff which you will take to the beach.

2.  Beach Towel

Going to the beach & not taking the towels, not possible. Take a good quality fast-drying towel with you & also take a little large size as you can enjoy sitting & relaxing on the beach on this towel. You can take a beautiful towel instead of plain white color.

3.  Beach defense Sunscreen (Water +Sun)

Sunscreen is a must in all seasons & in summer its a must. Don’t think that if you are in water sun cannot damage your skin. So take a good sunscreen which can protect you from water too. I personally prefer a sunscreen in the form of spray as it is easy to reapply. I recommend a minimum of 50 SPF.

4.  Lip Balm with Sunscreen

 As said before Sunscreen is a must & with a lot of options in the market nowadays there are lip balms with sunscreen available. Don’t miss it, you need a lip balm with sunscreen too. It will hydrate your lips & prevent it from tanning & dryness. I recommend here a minimum of 15 SPF.

5.  Beach Hat

Use a hat that covers your face. Enjoy the beach but don’t let the sun ruin your beauty. A good hat not only gives you protection from the sun but makes you a style icon too.

6.  Sunglasses

Sunglasses is an obvious requirement but a tip from my side is to take an inexpensive pair so even if you lose the sunglasses or it gets damaged you will not feel so sad.
Khushi's World Beach Essentials

7.  Book / Magazine

A book is a good friend of man. Take your favorite novel or magazine if you just want to relax on the white sands and enjoy your time.

8.  Moisturizer

Sun & saltwater can dry out your skin & it is essential to put a good moisturizer right after your water sports or if you are just hanging around on the beach. That's why my recommendation is to always carry moisturizer handy. Also, have a refreshing mist along with a moisturizer.

9.  Flip Flop footwear 

Keep your footwear simple yet stylish. Don’t need to buy an expensive one. Flip flops are comfortable to walk on the beach, water-resistant & you will not regret much also in case you lose it there.

10.  Leave-in Conditioner 

A good leave-in conditioner can help detangle strands, keep curls soft & smooth & make your hair manageable. So take a travel-size leave-in conditioner with you. Some people prefer sea salt hair spray but my preference is to take leave-in conditioner as it protects your hair from roughness, damage & dryness.

11.  Snacks to eat 

Take some snacks with you as not all beaches have places to eat. These snacks can be homemade & healthy as compared to buying it from outside. I have shared some of the snacks in my previous posts. You can check it out on my website.

12.  Drinking-Water 

Beach is full of water but when it comes to drinking water you may not find it. Take a good amount of drinking water with you. You should definitely be hydrated at all times especially in summer.

13.  Cleansing Wipes 

Wipes are very helpful as you may get sweat and dirt on the beaches. Beaches are usually windier & your face will be more open to a lot of dirt there.

14.  Wide Comb 

 Be in style & as a girl a comb is a must. Don’t forget it as after the beach your hair may get messy. Either use a wide comb or detangle. I used detangle because of its small size to carry & its easy with it to make your messy hair look beautiful again.

15.  One Extra Dress 

This is optional but I prefer to carry an extra dress just incase we enjoyed the beach too much :)

The above beach essential list is a consolidated list of mine. You can use it as your reference & update it for yourself as per your needs.

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