Easy Way to Remove Sticky Labels

Hello, my Beautiful People !!
Hope you are doing great. I went to one of my friend who recently bought a stainless steel glass. It had a big sticky label on it. I saw the pain she was going through to remove the label & even after some time, it left a little amount of label on the glass. I am sure many of us have faced the same problem & so to find a solution for it I tried to remove the label from one of the new stainless steel glass at my home too.
The tip I am sharing here is too effective & easy to use & will take only a few seconds.


Easy Way to Remove Sticky Labels

All You Need -

Hair Dryer

Method -

Step 1. Put the hairdryer in a warm setting with minimum level.
Step 2. Use it on the label for 30-40 sec.
Step 3. See if the label can be removed easily. If not use the dryer for few more sec & then you can remove it.


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