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Easy Way to Remove Sticky Labels

Hello my Beautiful People !!

Hope you are doing great. I went to one of my friend who recently bought a stainless steel glass. It had a big sticky label on it. I saw the pain she was going through to remove the label & even after sometime it left a little amount of label on the glass. I am sure many of us have faced the same problem & so to find a solution for it I tried to remove the label from one of the new stainless steel glass at my home too.
The tip I am sharing here is too effective & easy to use & will take only few seconds.

Easy Way to Remove Sticky Labels

All you Need  :-

Hair Dryer

Method  :-

Step 1. Put the hair dryer in warm setting with minimum level.

Step 2. Use it on the label for 30-40 sec.

Step 3. See if the label can be removed easily. If not use the dryer for few more sec & then you can remove it.

Hope you guys have liked the tip. If you feel it is good do share the link with the friends and like it on FB.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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