Buddha Bracelet

Hello my beautiful ladies :)

Jewelry is our best friend isn't it ;) But sometimes we all need some types of Jewelry which help us to get peace and calmness in our lives, sometimes we need to take a break & enjoy little moments of our Life. The jewelry which we are making here is pretty much in trend nowadays.
From so many days I was looking for Calm types of Jewelry. Finally I found Buddha Bracelet which I love the most but I found that they are pretty expensive. So i thought why shouldn't I make this on my own.
So, here I present my beautiful Buddha Bracelet.

Hand Made Buddha Bracelet


All you Need:-

  • Black Beads (you can choose any size which you like, here I am using big one)
  • Buddha Beads
  • Stretch Cord


Making Process :-

Step 1.  Take the stretch cord & measure your wrist size with it. Cut 3 inches more than the size.
Step 2.  Start adding Black Beads on the cord. You can go with the combination as 5 black beads then 1 Buddha bead , 3 black beads then 1 Buddha bead , 3 black beads then 1
Buddha bead , 5 black beads then 1 Buddha bead. ( 5-1 , 3-1, 3-1 ,5-1 ).
Step 3.  Just check whether the bracelet is covering the hand properly. If you feel there are more or less beads you can make add / remove the black beads.
Step 4.  Using ends make 3-4 knots to properly tie the bracelet.
Step 5.  Cut any extra cord if remaining.


Your beautiful hand made Buddha Bracelet is ready. Normally in the bracelets we get in the market we get only one Buddha but in ours there are 3 Buddhas :). This is the benefit of making our own custom bracelet.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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