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Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
Wish you a happy and safe Holi. It is one festival which brings out the child in us. The festive mood and the vibrant colors brings a joy to the festival but as I said we need to ensure that we have a safe holi. Don't allow harsh chemicals to ruin the enjoyment.
Here I am sharing 25 Tips for Head to Toe. Read the below tips before you start your celebration and have a great festival to you all.

Holi Care Tips From Head To Toe

Before Holi Precautions  :-

1.  It's very important to protect your Body from harmful chemicals & Oiling is a perfect solution for every skin type. You can choose any Oil which is available & suits you. Apply a good amount of Coconut Oil or Olive Oil all over the body including face, this will help to nourish your body & color will not stick to your body.
2.  Holi is not only about colors, it's also about Sun Tanning. So apply a generous amount of Sunscreen all over the body on top of your Oil. I know I know this will very sticky but trust me this will protect your body.
3.  Don't forget your Lips. Apply a good amount of Lip Balm which has sunscreen & if you are a Lipstick lover apply on top of it & then again apply lip Balm. This will help to prevent the dryness.
4.  Oiling is also important to Hair. Apply Oil to your scalp so that colors will not stick to your scalp & will not damage your roots.
5.  If you have Long hair I recommended wear Braids & if you have small one wear Ponytail. As open hair are more susceptible to damage this will help to reduce the damage.
6.  Apply Nail Paint. Yes apply thick coating of paint on your nails, both in fingers & toes so that they remain protected.
7.  The minimal is better, so avoid wearing makeup. Lipstick is fine but foundation & eye makeup is NO NO.
8.  Cold Water !! Yes, before applying Oil & Sunscreen to your face, wash your face with cold water. This will help to close your Open Pores & colors will not damage your face deeply.
9.  Wear maximum Clothes. Try to wear full sleeves clothes.
10.  Women should avoid transparent, clingy clothes.
11.  Wear Sunglasses or Goggles to protect your eyes from colors. Usually dry colors can enter eyes very easily so avoid it.
12.  Don't wear Lenses. In fact completely avoid wearing lenses because colors may cause irritation to eyes.

Below precautions can be taken while playing Holi  :-

13.  Drink loads of water before you start playing Holi. This will keep your skin hydrated.
14.  While playing Holi please don't hurt people. Remember Holi is a festival not any cruel game where you have to win from others.
15.  Never sit in sunlight after playing with colors as it becomes difficult to remove then.
16.  Try not to use Liquid Colors as they are pretty harmful. Instant use Dry & Natural colors.
17.  Keep Handy Rose Water with you so in case if you get irritation you can apply this.

After Holi Celebration  :-

18.  Rinse your hair completely without using shampoo at first. Then use mild shampoo to wash your Hair. Once you rinse it off again apply shampoo so that it will clean all your scalp & Hair.
19.  Don't forget to use your Conditioner as due to colors your Hair become over dry, that's why use a good amount of conditioner.
20.  For Removing colors from your body, use Curd. Apply Curd on your body & take little towel, rub your skin gently in circulation motion. This will gently remove the color .
21.  After taking bath apply good amount of Moisturizer or Body Oil.
22.  I heard that people use detergents ,Nail remover and other harsh chemicals to remove colors from their skin don't do this please. Use only mild products as your skin becomes sensitive that time. Be very gentle with your skin.
23.  Never use scrub even after 2-3 days of Holi celebration. Try to use Cleansing Milk & very mild face wash.
24.  Don't apply makeup after Holi, give time to heal your skin.
25.  Use Homemade packs for Hair & Face. I already shared some of them on my blog before.

If your color does not get remove at once wash or if you get tanning don't panic. Give 2-3 days for your skin to heal. Be as gentle as you can.

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Happy Holi!!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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