How to make your own Ganesha

Hi my beautiful people :)
Did you ever celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi. If not this year you can definitely go & see how big is the celebration all over India. However if you have ever been to Maharashtra during this time then you should definitely get this experience.
       This year I have decided to go for eco friendly celebration & created DIY Ganesh at home using clay. Do try this at home & let me know how it was. So lets get started.

Make your own Ganesha from Clay | DIY

All you Need  :-

Some Clay balls of different colors.
(Choose some bright colors to make it more beautiful)

Making Process  :-

Step 1.  Make some balls of different size. Choose same color for the full body.
Step 2.  Use a big ball & flatten it a little & give the shape of tummy.
Step 3.  Now take 2 small balls of the same color & give the shape of legs.
Step 4.  Take the other big ball (which is smaller in size as compare to tummy) & give the shape of face
Step 5.  Again take 2 small balls of the same color & give the shape of Arms.
Step 6.  Take different color ball & give the shape of Ganesha's Nose.
Step 7.  Now use different colors & make Ears, Eyes & Laddoo.
Step 8.  For Crown take 3 different color balls, make 3 thin long strings & cross them together. Now make the shape of Crown.

You are done  :)

For Ganesha's Mouse  :-

Do the same process as Ganesha.  Refer the photo.

Note :-  Please refer the photo of Ganesha & his Mouse for better vision.

I hope you like it. :)
Make your eco friendly & customized Ganesha.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi  :)

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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