Glass Stone Candle Jar

Hey my beautiful friends !!

I was having a jar at home & was thinking what to do with that. I thought of some ideas & came up with an idea this idea. Today I am presenting a glass stone candle jar which is beautiful at day but extremely gorgeous at night.
This you can use to decorate your room & house. Do try this at home & let me know how it came up for you.

DIY : Glass Stone Candle Jar

All you Need  :-

  • Glass Jar (u can use any size or shape)
  • Stones (any color u like) 
  • Glue Gun
  • Small Candle(u can use aroma candle).

Making Process  :-

Step 1.  Glue the stones on Jar row by row. Use a proper glue to get a permanent stickiness.

Step 2.  Put the candle inside & you are done.

The complete process should not take more than half an hour.

I hope you like it. Do share it with your friends & family.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed :)



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