Gel Candle

DIY : Gel Candle

All you Need  :-

  • Gel wax
  • Some Ornaments like here I am using Shells & Color Sand (Rangoli)
  • Candle Thread
  • Glass
  • Fragrance oil (optional)
  • Pan (to melt wax)

Making Process  :-

Step 1. Melt your gel wax in Pan. Make sure its on low heat otherwise it will burn.
Step 2. Once it gets melted,remove the pan from gas & add Fragrance oil & if u want u can add color also.
Step 3. Fill the glass with Ornaments, put candle thread in the center of the glass & start filling melted gel wax over it. Remember to do it slowly to avoid the thread drown inside the gel.
Step 4. Leave this for drying in room temperature. After sometime it will get ready.
Its totally upto you which type of glass & ornaments you want to use.
Enjoy your own Candles & decorate your home. :)
All the best !!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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