How To Make Your Own Two Tier Glass Stand | DIY

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Whether you want to serve for a party or you want your jewelry to not mess up your dresser? What if you are bored with old boxes of cosmetics or want more space to put your perfume bottles. Here is an easy way to make something at home in a very quick and in a budget. Presenting Two Tier Glass Stand. It's perfect to organize your daily things like jewelry, cosmetic & any household item.

 Two Tier Glass Stand DIY

All you Need:- 

2 Plates one small & one large (it's up to you which type & size you want)
Glass Candle Stick (you can use any type of glass too) Glue Gun

Making Process:- 

Step 1. Start with the small plate.
Step 2. First, glue them with Candle Jar then when it's completely dry & stuck properly, Glue again with the other plate.
It hardly takes 10 mins to dry completely. U can use this for any stuff. I am going to use this for my daily jewelry. :) I hope you like this. Enjoy :)

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