Make Easy Floral Button Paper Clips | DIY

Today we are sharing simple craft idea with buttons and paper clips, with step by step instructions.

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Stationery items are getting pretty and pretty nowadays. From Notebooks to Pens to Paper Clips, everything comes in so many different colors and patterns. I love collecting cute stationery and cute Paper Clips is definitely one of them. But can we do something about the Plain Paper Clips we already have, as you know the plain paper clips come with a large box, almost around 100 clips.

Having so many Plain Paper Clips with me, in today's DIY, I decided to make something cute with our old Paper Clips. We are making Button Paper Clips! If you have some old cute Buttons and some Paper Clips in hand, then this DIY gonna take only 10 minutes and will jazz up your plain old paper clips to something cute and fancy. Let's see how we can make it!

Floral Button Paper Clips | DIY (

DIY Floral Button Paper Clips

All your Need -

  • Flower-shaped Buttons in different colors 
  • Colorful Paper Clips (small size - 1 inch)
  • Hot Glue Gun

Floral Button Paper Clips | DIY (

Making Process -

Step 1.
Stick some Glue on the back of the Button.

Step 2. Carefully stick one side of the Paper Clip with the Button.

Step 3. Repeat the same process with the rest of the Paper-clips.

Your pretty Floral Button Paper Clips are ready!

KW Tips -

Try to use the same color of Paper Clips with the same color of Button, eg; yellow button sticks to the yellow paper clip. This way it will look cuter.

2. If you don't find Flower-shaped Button, use any regular button of your choice.

3. Under 8 years old Kids, please take the help of your Parents while using Hot Glue Gun.

This is the quickest way to reuse and recycle your old Paper Clips and make them Cuter. Definitely give this DIY a try and let me know your thoughts.
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