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Today we will see how to take care from COVID Infections in 2020 while we are going out.

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We all are experiencing a challenging situation in the world right now. From the past 2 months, everything is closed, the whole world is closed. The biggest question is how long the things gonna take to be normal again? Are we safe to go out? Is it safe to reopen everything again? Well, no one knows the answer to all these questions. The only thing we know is that 'The Virus problem is not solved and Cities have already started to open still'. The thing which we can do right now is to be alert and take all the precautions. In today's post, I am sharing my tips on How we can take care of ourselves while going out. Let's see!


6 Tips on Taking Care of Ourselves while going Out!

1. Always Wear Face Mask!
I am so surprised to see that some people are refusing to wear the mask because they think they don't have any Virus. Come on! Mask is not only for those who are infected, but it is for everyone to even avoid getting sick! We all are constantly breathing. Mask helps us to stay away from germs and avoid others getting affected because of you. There is no shame in Wearing Mask, so please whenever you are going out Wear Mask. I understand that there is a huge shortage going on, but any type of Mask if you find, use it. Otherwise make your own Mask using Hankie, Scarf, or any fabric which you find at your home. It is always a good idea to do something than nothing. If you want to buy some face mask you can buy it here.

2. Use Hand Gloves!
Imagine this. You stepped out of your home, locked your gate, drove the car, and reached the destination. Till now only you and your family member have touched the things. Now you reached the Store, opened the Gate, used the Cart, bought things from the Shelf, gave money, and got some change in return. In this whole process think about all the contacts, your hands made. Many other people are doing exactly the same process. How many germs are getting in contact with you easily? You can avoid all these in one simple step, by wearing Gloves! If everyone starts wearing gloves, germs get less chance to spread. Once you are done with the Store, either discard your Gloves or use Sanitizer on top of your Gloves. But make sure you wash your hands thoroughly when you return to Home.

3. Keep Your Hand Sanitizer, Handy!
Always carry a small pocket size Sanitizer with you. Even if you are wearing Gloves, still keep sanitizing your Hands. This is the best practice we can do right now. Make sure you are using good quality Hand Sanitizers that have Alcohol. If you are not able to find it, you can make it at home. I wrote the article for Handmade Hand Sanitizer, you can check that if you want. Again understand, Sanitizers are good but whenever you get a chance, please wash your hands with Soap and Water. A little tip, your Alcohol makes hands super dry so every time when you wash your hands, follow up with a good moisturizer. Don't use too much hand creams outside your house, because sticky hands attract more dirt and germs.

4. Don't Go Several Places At Once!
I understand that people are getting super bored at their homes, but going out and visiting several places at once is not a great idea right now. If you are going to the Office, or Store, or Mall, or visiting Family, try to keep your travel to minimum places at once. Go directly to those places and when you return to your home wash everything thoroughly, this way you will be safer.

5. Keep Maintaining The Distance!
Try to avoid those places which are super crowded. When you are going to Store, Mall, or Office, try to maintain at least 6 feet distance. Don't let it lightly. Sitting next to the other person is not a good idea right now. If you are traveling on a local Bus or Train and don't have an option, then when you stand to the next person, try not to face the other person instead be on the opposite side.

6. Don't Take Kids and Elders Everywhere!
If you are going to Grocery Shopping until unless it's important don't take your small kids and older family members with you. The lesser the Immunity System the more risker the person is. Please read all the Guidelines which CDC has given.

I know what you might be feeling right now, that most of the things in the article are repetitious and we know that already. But the reality is that right now the Virus is Spreading more and more, even after all the lockdown. This is the high time when we all work together and take all the precautions seriously. Our life is important and so of our loved ones. If you have any other tips do share with me in the comments section.  Please take care of yourself and others. I hope everything gets better soon!

Disclaimer - I am neither a Doctor nor a CDC Advisor. I am sharing everything which I am following right now. For more knowledge please read this CDC Article.

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