How To Make Homemade Cucumber-Yogurt Face Pack

Let's see how to make easy and effective Homemade Cucumber Yogurt Face Pack.

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I love Summers. The weather is good and the days are long. People can be out and even by 9 pm you still feel daytime is going on. But the only issue in Summer is the Sun-Burn. My skin is super sensitive and it gets more sensitive with harsh sunlight.
In today's post, I am sharing Pack which is easy to make and you will find all the ingredients easily in your Pantry. This Pack helps to cure Sun-Burn, gives you soft-glowing skin, and also beat the heat with its cooling properties. Without further delay let's see what we need!!


Homemade Cucumber-Yogurt Face Pack | Summers Special

All you Need -

  • Half chilled Cucumber
  • 1 tbsp chilled Yogurt / Curd
  • Blender
  • Face Brush (for applying pack)

How to Make -

Step 1. Mix all the ingredients in a Blender.
Step 2. Blend and make a smooth consistency.

How to Apply -

Step 1. Start with a clean face.
Step 2. Apply a thick coat of Pack all over your Face & Neck by using Face Brush.
Step 3. Leave the pack for 15 minutes and then rinse-off with Water in Circular Motion.
Step 4. Gently pat-dry your face & follow up with your favorite Moisturizer.

Benefits of the Pack -

1. It helps to remove Tanning.
2. Cures Sunburns.
3. Beat that heat, very cooling.
4. Gives Glowing skin.
5. Moisturizes your skin.

Points to Remember -

1. Always do a patch test with any Pack or Cream whenever you are applying it for the first time.
2. You can even use this Pack all over the Body where you have Sun-Burn but make sure you don't rub or irritate your skin while washing.

This Pack is very Soothing and perfect for Hot days, definitely give this a try!
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