Step-By-Step Tips to Remove Holi Colors Using Homemade Remedies!!

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After celebrating fullon HOLI one thing which remains challenging is removing Holi Colors from the skin. First enjoying whole day, doing lot of dance and eating tons of tasty food, already makes us very tired and then removing Harsh Color from our Body gets even more difficult. People use short cuts like Soap and other chemicals directly on skin which not only damages the skin but at the same time this process is longer too.
I have shared 25 Tips for Holi Care including Before and After Precautions. If you haven't read the article then do check it out. In today's post I am giving more Tips to Easily Remove Holi Colors. Let's see the tips!!


How to Remove Holi Colors Using Homemade Remedies!!

Tips with Home Remedies :-

Tip 1. Use Cold or Room Temparature Water!!
I know this is not any Home Remedy but still this is very important tip to remember. Never use Hot or Luke Warm Water on your skin after playing Holi. After all the Madness of Holi our skin gets very sensitive and Hot Water make it more sensitive plus colors get more difficult to remove. So always use either Cold Water or Room Temparature Water for removing Colors.

Tip 2. Don't use Soap Directly after playing Holi!!
Don't apply Soap or Body Washes first thing after playing Holi. The reason is once you use Soap, they will remove little amount of Color but after that no home remedy gonna work effectively. The best thing is first use all the Natural products (Home Remedies) then if you want you can use very mild Soap in the end.

Tips 3. Use Curd!!
Curd helps to hydrate the skin and remove colors. After playing Holi, first splash some Water then take a good amount of Curd in your palms and then start massaging it in circular motion on the affective area. Keep repeating it for 2-3 times. You will notice that Colors starts getting faded. You can apply Curd all over the Body, just be gentle. This remedy works for both Dry and Oily Colors.

Tip 4. Use Milk!!
The other great option is Milk, specially for Dry-Skin people. Dip Cotton Pad in Milk and then gently wipe the effective area. Repeat 2-3 times on all over the Body. This remedy is good for Dry Colors but not for Oily Colors.

Tip 5. Use Besan and Milk!!
Make a paste of Besan and Milk, we want thick paste. In circular motion start rubbing on affected area, keep doing it until color comes out. This remedy is effective for Dry Colors and Wet Colors but not for Oily Colors.

Tip 6. Use Curd, Besan and little Rose Water!!
Mix all the ingredients together, we want thick paste. Take the paste in palm and use in circular motion on affective area. Keep repeating until the colors come out. This is the best remedy which works for all the types of Colors. Personally my favorite remedy!!

Tip 7. Use Coconut Oil and Besan!!
For this remedy do not wet your body with water. First-of-all apply lots of Coconut Oil all-over the affective area, now take dry besan on palm and start rubbing it on top of the Oil. The color will start coming off. Keep doing it for entire body. This remedy works for both Dry and Wet colors.

Tip 8. Curd for Hair!!
Apply Curd on all over the scalp and hair. Leave for 10-15 minutes then wash with Water. Follow with Milk Shampoo and Conditioner, if you want you can use Shampoo two times at once but dilute it with Water.

Points to Remember :-

1. After all the Remedies if you want you can use mild soap and make sure that you use a good amount of Moisturizer or Body Lotion for hydrating the skin. You can even use Body Oils.

2. Same with face, use a good hydrating Serum or Oil and follow up with nice thick Face Cream.

3. Before playing Holi! Try to apply lot of Oil all over the Body and Hair. Also don't forget to apply thick Lip Balm on lips. This will help to remove colors easily after Holi. I highly recommend to read my 25 Tips for Holi Care where I shared all the Precautions.

4. I know many people suggest Scrubbing but I feel that Holi Colors already damage and makes skin sensitive. Scrubs make it more sensitive. After Holi I suggest not to use Scrub for at-least 30 hours.

5. Same goes with Bath Sponge. If you want to use any Bath Product, use Mild Soap instead Body Wash. As Bath Sponge has scrubbing effect, you can use this after 24 hours.

6. I know every one want to remove color in one wash. But please be gentle on your skin. Don't worry if the color doesn't came off in one wash, it will come off in 2-3 days.

7. People who have Oily skin use Curd and for dry skin use Milk based remedies. Although for removing Colors all the remedies work very well for every type of skin.

8. Try to avoid Harsh Chemical Based Colors, Wet or Oily Colors for playing Holi. They are not good for your skin neither for environment.

There are lot more Home Remedies for removing Colors but these all the Remedies which I shared above are try and tested by me. They very well work for me and hope they all gonna work for you too!!
Holi is beautiful festival where you can make memories with Friends and Family. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy with Safe Dry Colors, be Gentle to other and try to not to force everyone. I wish you a very Happy Holi!!

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