End the last Decade with a grateful heart; learn, reflect and reset yourself for new Decade!!

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A very Happy New Year to all of you!! Today I am writing my first post for 2020, super excited and grateful to have a platform where I can connect with all of you, thank-you everyone for being part of this Journey. Well, New Year means New Hope, New Ideas and definitely New Resolutions, right? Especially this year, as it not just the start of the New Year, but also the new Decade is starting. Well, what about instead of making some resolutions let's make some plans. Today I am sharing very easy, yet effective steps and tips which gonna help you to achieve more in 2020 without feeling overwhelming and unmotivated. Let's see how we can kick start our 2020!


Powerful Tips to Jumpstart Your 2020!

Step 1. Make a list of 10 things which you Achieved in the Last Decade!
Yes, you heard me right. Take a notebook and write all the amazing things which you achieved in your last decade (from 2010 to 2019). Write at least 10 things, I am sure you have more than 10, write everything you remember. Once you write down all the amazing things, read it one by one loudly. We always see the downside of our life, it's important that we also see the best things in our lives and be grateful for that.

Step 2. Make the list of 10 things where you felt Behind!
I know we all feel a failure at some point in our life, but let's replace the word being failed to being behind. Being behind is more positive and we can still work for those goals which we didn't achieve. Make a list of all the things where you felt behind, now read those and analyze whether those goals still matter to you or not. Eg, you want to do something in your High School life but now you are in College and High School things don't matter anymore. This is how you can identify everything, in which parts you are behind and what things still matter.

Step 3. Learn from the Past Decade and Reset yourself for the Future!
Whether the past decade was good or bad, the reality is that now it doesn't matter. I know it sounds harsh, but this is true. We cannot change our past, but we can change our Future. Write down all the learnings, things where you can do better, analyze even the smallest of things. After writing, read it aloud, feel your words. Say to your self that, "now I am ready to take charge of the next decade, I have learned all the lessons, I know I will do better with every single year. I am pushing the Reset Button, this is not just a New Year but also a New Chance to do things better and better."

Step 4. Time to start this Decade!
We learned from the past, reflected on it and pushed the reset bottom. Now what?? Well, its time to make our 2020 decade fabulous. Time to write down 10 big things which you want to achieve in the next 10 years. Yes, just write down 10 big things, we want the big picture here. Once we get the bigger picture, then we will able to divide those into smaller goals. Once you get your 10 big dreams, next write down the 10 approaches which you gonna follow, so that you will fulfill your dreams.

Step 5. Time to tackle this Year's Goals!
Let's go to the basics, what you gonna do this year?? Well, let's keep it simple. What about only 3 goals, yes only 3 Big goals. Close your eyes and think only about 3 Big things which matter the most currently. Imagine how your life will be after completing these 3 things. If you feel that these 3 things gonna make your life more beautiful, more successful then it's time to write it down. You might have more goals to achieve this year, but I highly recommend to focus on these 3 Big things the most, Prioritize those! Eg, Maybe you want to Change the Job, this is your big goal. Or you want to buy your own house, again a big goal. Prioritize it and keep taking little-little steps on a weekly basis. Start uploading a resume and keep learning new skills to get your dream job. Start saving money and keep looking open houses, so that you get closer to buy your own house.

Before you start -

These all the 5 Steps which I shared above will gonna give you an overall picture so that you get your dream life. But before you start I like to add a few more tips to get the maximum benefit of this post.

Tip 1. I highly suggest you to first read this article carefully. After that, grab a Pen and Notebook, and start following all the steps one by one. Write down everything in your notebook. If you like then grab a cup of coffee and do all the steps in a peaceful area with a peaceful mind.

Tip 2. The 3 Big Goals which I talked about in Step 5. Write it down in the Paper. Stick this Paper, either in your Bathroom Mirror or on your Desk Table, any place where you will able to see your goals daily.

Tip 3. Give 5 minutes daily to these goals, every morning see these 3 goals and keep reminding yourself that these are your topmost priority. By achieving those your life gonna be more meaningful and joyful.

Tip 4. Most importantly the whole exercises, all the steps which I shared today, need your full attention. I mean if you are reading this article and busy doing some other stuff, then what's the point. Your dreams need your attention and time, right. The same goes with figuring out your dreams and make a plan, they all need your time and positive energy. Take a day off, do all these steps either on Sunday or when you feel that you have proper time and attention. Give your heart and soul by doing these steps, remember the more specifics you know about your goal, the more you will able to do about that goal.

Tip 5. At any point where you feel overwhelming, take a pause. Maybe currently your dreams are looking next to impossible, maybe they are harder to achieve, but with little steps, you will reach your goal. When we feel overwhelming, we become unproductive and our mind gets unmotivated. Imagine you are driving a car, you are going from one city to another, by chance in-between the journey your Car stopped working, what are you gonna do? Will you stop thinking about going to the other city, No! You gonna fix your Car and again gonna drive, you will keep driving until you reach your destination. Same goes with goals, if some days are bad and unproductive it doesn't mean that you stop, take a little break and then again come to the track. Little by little to will surely gonna achieve your goal, trust me.

Frankly, I also have tons of goals for upcoming years, some looks next to impossible. I also divide those into smaller goals and working towards those. I think we can together motivate each other and keep working on our goals. If you also have some tips then don't forget to share those with me in the comments section.

I hope you find this article useful and you learned something new. If yes then please share the article with friends and family too. Follow me on Khushi's World Facebook PageInstagram, and Pinterest. I will see you in the next post till then take care!!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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