Winters Must-Haves | Fashion Edition

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Winter means Cold Weather with a Hot Coffee in hand & a Warm Blanket wrapped around you always. But Winter also means staying warm from inside & look gorgeous and fashionable from outside. Winter dressing is all about Chic Outwear. A coat, scarf, cozy cloves are some of the essentials for winter which should always be in your closet during this season. However, at the same time, we also need to keep fashionable items like a trendy boot, stylish hat. Let's check out some of my Winter Must Haves to keep ourselves warm and up-to-date!!
There are many in the list for the Winter Must Haves, however, I am covering My Top 10 Must Haves today.

 Winters Must-Haves | Fashion Edition

1. Trendy Coat or Jacket

The Coat is one of the most important parts of your clothing when it comes to going out in Winters. There are so many varieties of Coats you can choose from; like Puffer Coat, Biker Jacket, Cashmere Coat, Denim Jacket or Knee-length Coat. Choice something which suits your personality and keeps you warm and cozy!

2. Sweaters

A coat is perfect for Cold days but when the weather is little warmer and sunny a Sweater is a good option. Try to buy these in different colors so that you will get variety. Sweaters are perfect when it comes to casual looking. When you want to look little dressy then carry a nice handbag with these.

3. Boots

Boots are absolute must have for me in Winters. When you want to look chic go with high heel boots or lace-up fur trim boots or ankle length boots. When you want to look causal go with Cuff length boots or plain lace-up boots. Black, Brown, and Tan are my favorite colors which pretty much go with all the outfits.

4. Leggings

Legging is preferable in Winters because of two reasons; first they are comfortable and second winter leggings are good to keep you warm. Carry good boots along with leggings to make a pair, you can even wear long socks to add extra look in your legs.

5. Scarf

There are plenty of options out in the market during winter for the scarves. There are many ways to wear it. I personally like big Scarfs. When you want to look stylish I like to wear it as an Infinity scarf and when I feel too cold I just use it as a throw and wrap all around my neck.

6. Gloves 

In Winters the first two thing which gets cold is my feet and hands. For me, my Hand Gloves are very important. It will keep our hands warmer and also avoid accessively dryer hands. Nowadays you can easily find the gloves which are touchscreen friendly.

7. Beanie 

Beanie is fashionable and keeps us safe from the cold winds. These are perfect when you have bad hair day. The Beanie comes in many style and color, it also comes with 1 or 2 fur balls. I feel that the Cashmere ones are the softest ones.

8. Deep and Bold Color Lipsticks

Talking about Fashion and not talking about Lipsticks is not allowed here. Just Joking!! I love applying Lipsticks especially when I am feeling low. In Winters some days looks so dull, that day a nice bright outfit and a bold bright lipstick will do the trick. Lipsticks easily lift your entire look and make everything more presentable. The best lipstick shades in Winters is Reds, Wines, Browns, and Maroons.

9. Classy Nail Polishes

You must be wondering why I am mentioning Nail Polishes in Winter Must Haves. Well, I always feel that when it comes to fashion your whole look comes in the picture. We already covered everything from head to toe then why to forget our fingers. Although in Winters we usually use deep shades you can also apply the shades from nude family. A well-groomed Nails always looks very presentable and classy.

10. Moisturizer

I know this is not a fashion item, however, this tip is very important!! This season our body gets very dehydrated and dry, make sure to apply a good hydrating face cream, body lotion, and lip balm. Also, don't forget to drink water and try to avoid long hot showers.

Keep yourself warm while keeping your fashion game strong. Go with deep shades, animal prints, and big checks. Most importantly; feel comfortable and enjoy Winters.

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Happy Winters!!😊
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