How to make your own Counter Cleaner Solution

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Kitchen and Bathrooms are two places in our Home which we use the most. Unfortunately, those also get dirty the most!! Do you know that if we Clean the Counters of our Kitchen and Bathroom they suddenly can turn the whole place much cleaner?
Yes, Counters gets extremely dirty and after cleaning those places, it does not only make the whole area clean but also gives the illusion of a bigger space.
Many people like to buy Market Cleaners which are full of Chemicals and also cost-inefficient. In today's post, I am going to share an easy DIY Cleaner which is perfect for Counter Cleaning, requires only 3 ingredients and you don't need to buy anything special from the market.


DIY Counter Cleaner Solution

All You Need -

  • 2 cups Water
  • 1 tbsp Dish Soap
  • 10-15 drops of Essential Oil (I like to use Lemon one, you can also use Tea Tree Oil)
  • Spray Bottle

Making Process -

Step 1. Mix all the three ingredients in the Spray Bottle.
Step 2. Whenever you want to use the Cleaner, make sure you shake the mixture before.
Your DIY Counter Cleaner is ready!

How to Use -

Step 1. Shake the mixture and Spray directly on the Counter Tops.
Step 2. Leave it more 4-5 minutes so that the solution properly sits on the dirt.
Step 3. With the help of Paper Towel or Microfiber Cloth wipe the whole Counter.
Your Counters instantly will look clean and the Lemon Essential Oil will make the whole area smell fresher.

Make this solution and keep it handy so that you can clean your Counters daily. This DIY Solution is very inexpensive! I put one Spray Bottle in the Bathroom and one in the Kitchen. Remember Cleaning sometimes get frustrating but if you keep things handy it becomes easy!! Try this DIY and let me know your feedback.

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