Spooky Spider Sandwiches | Halloween Special Recipe

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This Halloween I got many requests from Moms who want something for their kid's tiffin which is easy to make and look festive. In today's post, we are going to make Spooky Spider Sandwiches. This taste delicious takes only 5 minutes to prepare and perfect for your kids tiffin. Let's make it!


Spooky Spider Sandwiches | Halloween Special Recipe

Ingredients -

  • White Sandwich Bread
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Mixed Fruit Jam Spread
  • Nutella Spread
  • Edible Bugs Shapes Halloween Sprinkles 


Method -

Step 1. I am using steel glass mouth to cut out the slice of bread in a round shape. You can even use Cookie Cutter or the Mouth of Mason Jar.
Step 2. On one of the bread; spread Nutella evenly across one side of the round bread.
Step 3. Take second round bread; spread Mixed Fruit Jam on the one side of the this.
Step 4. Combine both the bread together on each other to make the "body of spider".
Step 5. Insert 3 Pretzel Sticks into the left side of the sandwich and 3 into the right side. This will create the “spider legs". You can even do this step before combining both of the bread! It will be easier!!
Step 6. Place 2 Bugs Shaped Sprinkle on the sandwich to create the “eyes of spider".
Repeat the same process for making other Sandwiches! The cute Spooky Spider Sandwiches are ready!!

Note - I am only using 3-3 Pretzel Sticks for Spider Legs because my sandwich is small in size. Although Spider do have 4-4 Legs. Just keep this in mind while making the sandwich.


I hope your kids will love this Spooky Spider Sandwiches. Let me know their reactions. 😊 Also, don't forget to share your recreations pictures with us. For more Halloween Post stay tuned with us.

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Happy Halloween! 👻
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