Halloween Bats Decorations and 4 Ideas to Decorate Them | Last Minute Halloween Decoration

Hello, my beautiful people!! 😍
Halloween is finally here and if you haven't done much till now then don't worry. Today's I am sharing some Last Minute Halloween Decoration which is Halloween Bats Decorations. These are very easy and quick to make. I am also gonna share some of the ideas to decorate them. This is my Last Halloween DIY for this year! Without any further delay let's see how to make it!!


Halloween Bats Decorations | Last Minute Halloween Decoration

All You Need -

  • Black Glitter Felt Sheets
  • Plain Black Felt Sheets
  • Plain Spooky Eyes
  • Dark In Glow Spooky Eyes (small and medium)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper Sheet
  • Pen


Making Process -

Step 1. Draw a Bat on Paper Sheet and Cut it so that you will have Bat Stencil. If you don't want to draw you can print it out from Google Image.
Step 2. With the help of Bat Stencil cut some Bats from Black Glitter Felt Sheets.
Step 3. Do the same method, with the help of Bat Stencil cut some Bats form Plain Black Felt Sheets too.
Step 4. For Black Glitter Felt Sheet Bats; glue 2 Plain Spooky Eyes. Repeat the same for other Glitter Bats.
Step 5. Plain Black Felt Sheet Bats; glue 2 Dark In Glow Spooky Eyes. Repeat the same for other Plain Bats.
The Bats are ready to decorate!

Remember - We are sticking Dark In Glow Spooky Eyes for Plain Black Felt Sheet Bats and using Plain Spooky Eyes for Black Glitter Felt Sheet Bats. This way for some Bats the Eyes will be sparkling and for the others their body.

How to Decorate these -

Idea 1. You can use these as Wall Stickers. Use double sided tape to stick.
Idea 2. You can Hang these. Punch the hole on the upper middle side and use black thread to hang these.
Idea 3. Use these as Table Decorations. Place it here & there on the entire table. This will give the spooky table effect.
Idea 4. Stick these on the Gift Bags. By using Glue; stick these on the middle front side of the Gift Bags.

There are so many other ways to use these. Just be creative and think Spooky.😎 I hope you like this last Halloween DIY for this year. I made many Halloween DIYs this year and hope you guys also enjoyed it. If yes then do let me know, also give this DIY a try and share your feedback with us.

For more fun Posts in future stay tuned with Khushi's World. I will see you soon in another post, till then take care.

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Happy Halloween! 👻
Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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