How I Earned More than $1000 Using Rakuten!!

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Earning Money is not easy but saving is even tougher. Yes, I am here to share all tips, tricks, deals, coupons, and lots more to save money. Never Pay Full When you can get the same thing for less. In the same context today I am talking about a website called Rakuten. I guarantee that you will definitely be on the track to saving money through Rakuten till the end of the post.

Rakuten earn $1000

Earning $1000 Using Rakuten

What is Rakuten??
So first question everyone asks, What is Rakuten?? To answer Rakutenis a site that gives cashback on almost 2000 Stores Online. It is pretty easy and compares to other sites like BeFrugal it is, even more, user friendly.

Everything is fine but what is there for Me here??
Absolutely I will help you with this after all this is why you are here. First of all, just join Rakuten and they will give you $10. Yes just for joining. Rest all is easy. Once you are registered, search for any store from the top section. You may find many coupons too here. Just click on Shop Now and you will be redirected to your store site. For e.g. I searched for Walmart and it showed 1% cashback for me. Once I clicked on shop now I was redirected to Walmart and then it is just my regular shopping on Walmart. I purchased $100 from there and I got $1( 1% ) back on my rakuten within 3-4 days. ( usually, it comes early only)

Still, I am not convinced why Rakuten will Pay Money?? How are they earning?
As per Rakuten website they earn money through the online sites as they are generating referrals for them. They take some percentage and they share some with you.

I think I am good now but wait how do I get Paid ??
Rakuten pays quarterly to everyone. All your earned money gets accumulated and you get it every quarter. You can get paid through Paypal also which is one thing I liked much.

But still, how can you make $1000 just by shopping ??
Now here comes the secret to earning $1000. Rakuten gives a good referral amount. For every referral, you get to earn $25. Share this secret with all your friends and make sure they shop through Rakuten with minimum spending of $25.

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Don't pay full when you can pay less for the same product.

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