Fair Skin Doesn't Make Us BEAUTIFUL!!

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Do you think India is still not obsessed with Fair Skin? Think again !! In India, if we see top 10 Google Searches we still see below questions?
  • How To Get Fair Skin In One Day?
  • How To Get Fair Skin Naturally?
  • How To Get Fair Skin at Home Fast?
  • How To Be Very Fair?
I often get messages to write a post on How to Get Fair Skin in a Week?? As nowadays Market and even YouTube are full of tips and posts on getting Fair Skin. I recently got a message from a very young girl who told me that she hates her life because she is not fair and people don't love her.

Well in today's post I am sharing one of the True Story which is based on my Life's Experience. I hope you can take something from this Story!!!


Fair Skin Doesn't Make Us BEAUTIFUL!!

My Father is having Brown Skin-tone and my Mom is having Light-to-Medium (Fair) skin-tone. I was born with Light-to-Medium (Fair) skin-tone and so was my younger brother!!

I remember the time when I was in Middle School. Like any other kid, I also loved playing Outside, as in the 90s we didn't have Xbox, iPhone, and Ipads and that is the reason I became very Tanned and my skin-tone turned Brown.

In one of our Family Gatherings, there were many relatives & then one of them (a lady) came to my Mom and said: "Your Baby Boy is very cute but unfortunately your daughter doesn't look like you (because I was dark and my brother was fair )." The same lady talked to the other lady that said (while pointing out me) "this girl surely will get the problem in getting married because of her dark skin tone."

That day I felt very bad for a few hours, that I am not as pretty as my Mom. But at that time I was a kid who never cares about looks, so I forgot about this incident.

After a few years, I stopped playing Outside that much and my Brother started playing Cricket. Slowly my Tan got over and my skin-tone became light-to-medium (Fair) again, whereas my brother got tanned a lot and he became Brown Toned.

We again went to the family function and that same lady came to me and asked- "Who are you and What's does your Dad do?" She told me about her Son! I was very surprised that this lady seriously doesn't remember me.
When I told about myself she was surprised, then she talked to my Mother with her special words.
She said- "Your daughter is beautiful just like you. Oh! where is your cute Son?" When she saw my brother she told to my Mom that my brother is no longer looking cute, what happened to him??

This was the same person who used to think that I was not beautiful and will be getting difficulty in getting married. It was because I was Dark but my brother was cute as my Brother had Fair Tone.
Now after years, she actually came with her own son marriage proposal and thinks that I am very pretty but my brother is no longer cute. Because now I am Fair and he is Darker.

Do you guys just notice what happened? People change their perception about someone just by seeing their Skin Tone.

I still get tan very easily and my neck is darker than my face. When I was in India people kept telling me that I used to put on Makeup only on my face and ignores the neck area. Although I didn't use to do Makeup, that was my actual skin tone differences.

But after coming to the USA; one time I was in the MAC Cosmetic Counter and the Lady told me that I have very beautiful Skin. Did I use any tanning cream? I said: "NO, this is my natural skin tone." That lady told me that "Indians are very lucky that they have natural Bronzy Glowing Skin. We have to use so many tanning products to get that glowing look".

That day I realized that on one side in India there are so many Fairness Products in the market. People judge each other and discriminate based upon Skin-tone. And here people are Fair but want that Tanning Skin especially in Summers.

"We all are BLESSED with something but we always go for that something which others have".

I am not saying that don't use fancy creams or don't take care of your skin. Yes, use those if you like!! If your skin is getting Dull then use Brightening Creams. If you are having Wrinkles then use Anti-aging Creams. If you are having Pimples then use Acne special creams.

The most important thing is having nice Even Skin-tone no matter what type of Skin-Color you are having. I have light skin but I get Sun-burns, Moles and Red spots easily. My neck is darker. I have dark circles. In short, I don't have Even Skin-tone, that's why sometimes it doesn't look Polished.

Do you know why Foundation and Concealers are made? To get Even Skin-tone, not Fair Skin!!

People who think that Fair Skin makes them beautiful and then they will feel good once they have it, they are absolutely wrong!! If you are not feeling good about yourself now then no matter how much fair you become chances are that you will not feel good later too.
If a person doesn't like you because of your Looks then surely that person doesn't deserve you and the same goes for you. Like people because of their Nature not because of their looks.

And whoever said this that only Fair People look beautiful they are totally wrong! For Instance, Bipasha Basu is so beautiful, so glamorous. She is not having a Fair Skin Tone.

Imagine if we would have been listening since our Child-hood that Darker Skin-tone is good! Only Dark People looks beautiful then the market would be full of Dark Creams.

We all are different, we all want different things in our Life. If everyone will look same then we all end up looking like a Clown!!

If you want to look Fair then use Whitening Creams also. But remember this is your Choice. Not everyone in this World wants the Fair Skin. People are happy with their Skin-tone.

We have all the rights to choose things in our life. But we don't have any rights to say, anyone, that they are not beautiful just because they are not FAIR.

Have a Beautiful, Clear, Glowing, Soft and Even Skin. Most importantly have a Happy and Healthy Body.

One day our "Pimple will be replaced by Wrinkles." It's important to take care of yourself, your body, your face but it is also important to enjoy this phase. Enjoy your life!

Remember! Fair Skin doesn't make us Beautiful! Our Eyes, Lips, Features, Smile and most importantly our Soul makes us BEAUTIFUL!! 
You are beautiful just the way you are! Believe it!!

I hope you learn something with My Story. Please share this Article to everyone who needs to read this. This might be helpful to some of the people!! Take care of your Skin and your Mind too!!

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