DIY Super Hero Jar | Last minute DIY Gift Option

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If you still have not figured out what to give your baby-boy or boy-friend then I hope with DIY helpful for you. Boys usually like Super Heroes; from childhood they like to collect Super Hero Figures. In today's DIY we are going to use his favorite Super Heroes but in the Toy version and make something which gonna be useful in the future too. We are making DIY Super Hero Jar; he will have their favorite Heroes and at the same time Jar will be useful for storing. The best thing is that it takes 5 minute to make as we are doing Last minute DIY. Let's see how to make it!!!


Super Hero Jar | DIY

All you Need :-

  • Small Super Hero/Star Toys
  • Small Glass Jars
  • Hot Glue Guns


Making Process :-

Step 1. Apply Glue on the bottom of the SuperHero Toy.
Step 2. Stick the toy firmly to the center of the Jar Cap.
Step 3. Leave it for 10 minutes till it gets dried completely.
Step 4. Repeat the same process to the other Jars with other Toys.
Your DIY Super Hero Jars are ready! You can fill this Jar with his favorite chocolates or any other useful thing he likes.

Remember :- I am using Super Heroes which my husband likes, you can totally customize it and use those Heroes which your loved one likes. Same goes for Chocolates, use which ones are his favorite.


This is the perfect Last Minute Gift Option for your Loved Ones. And I thing they gonna love it as it will have a little personalized touch. Again try to use his favorite Hero Toys! If you like this DIY then do share your feedback with us!!
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