DIY Heart Mesh Wreath | Valentine's Day Special

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Dollar Tree Crafts are always my favorite. It always gets a lot of different varieties of supplies in each season at such an affordable price. On this Valentine's Day I am preparing a beautiful decorative DIY Heart Mesh Wreath all by Dollar Tree Items. It will look wonderful and give your home a total romantic look, a perfect hanging for your door. Lets see how to make this.


Heart Mesh Wreath | DIY

All you Need :-

  • Heart Shaped Wreath Ring
  • 4 Decorative Mesh
  • 2 Tinsel Stems
  • Foam Stickers for Decoration
  • Heart Picks for Decoration
  • Scissors


Method :-

Step 1. Take 1 Tinsel Stem and cut it in halves.
Step 2. Take one of the Stem and attach it to the inner rim of the Wreath.



Step 3. Now take 1 end of the Decorative Mesh and start twisting few times, about an inch.
Step 4. Tie this twisted end with the Stem attached to the Wreath. We want to attach the Mesh to the Wreath Ring, if you want you can use Hot Glue Gun.
Step 5. Now start weaving the Decorative Mesh up-to the first layer of the Ring and then the second.


Step 6. Bunch the Mesh together with your Fingers.


Step 7. Repeat the same process again weaving the Mesh up-to the first layer of the Ring and then the second.
Step 8. Again Bunch the Mesh together with your Fingers.
Step 9. Keep repeating the same method over and over again until you cover the whole Ring.
Step 10. If your Mesh gets over in the middle then secure its end with the Tinsel Stem and continue with the other Mesh where you left.
Step 11. Remember the tighter you make it the fuller your Wreath will look.
Step 12. Once your whole Wreath Ring is covered with Mesh and secured, its time to decorate it.
Step 13. Stick some Foam Stickers in a random fashion, you can also use some Heart Picks to decorate it more.
That's it! Your beautiful DIY Heart Mesh Wreath is ready!! Hang this on your front door or bedroom door with the help of Wreath Hanger.


Note :-

  • If you want you can use different-different Decorative Mesh to give different colors to your Heart Wreath.
  • You can also use Ribbon to hang the Wreath if you don't find Wreath Hangers.

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Happy Valentine's Day!!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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