DIY Hanging Hearts | Last minute Valentine's Decoration Idea

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
We covered Treats, Jewelry, Gifts and Decorations for Valentine's Day. If you still feel that you don't have much time for making all this and still want all that romantic Valentine's Vibes then we are very sure that this post will definitely gonna work for you people. This is the most easiest, simplest yet beautiful DIY which gonna take your 5 minutes. We are decorating our Home with our DIY Hanging Hearts which looks Extreme Romantic and Eye Catching.
This is also the last post of our Valentine's Series so Kindly share your feedback with us and also let us know what are your thoughts about this Series and which DIY is your favorite one???
Let's see how to can make it!!


Hanging Hearts | DIY

All you Need :-

  • Felt Hearts 
  • Red thick Tread
  • CelloTape
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape (Optional)

Making Process :-

Step 1. Measure the thread as per the height you want to hang the Hearts. Cut the thread twice the length you measured. E.g. If you want to Hang Hearts at 3 feet then cut the thread for 6 feet.
Step 2. Cut 7-8 threads of the same length for all the Hearts you have.
Step 3. Pass one end of the thread from the center hole of the Heart until the Heart comes in the middle of the thread.


Step 4. It's important that the Heart is stable and in the center not tilting towards left or right.
Step 5. Repeat the same process with all the Hearts.
Step 6. Stick their ends to the Ceiling of your Room with the help of CelloTape.
Your Romantic Hanging Hearts Room is ready!!


Note :- 

# The Felt Hearts which I am using are already having Holes. If you are using different Hearts then please use Hole Puncher for that.
# If you don't find readymade hearts then you can make them by using regular Felt, just cut them in Heart shape. I got mine form Super Target.

This DIY will give you perfect Valentine's Day Vibe within 5 minutes. This is the must try DIY for V-Day. If you try then please share your recreations pictures with us. Here our Valentine's Series completed for this year, I hope you have loved this. If you want to see all our Valentine posts then click here.
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Happy Valentine's Day!!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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