Chocolaty Little Hearts | Last Minute Valentine's Treat

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One of my favorite Indian Biscuits is Little Hearts. They are small and delicious and are easily available at any Indian Grocery Store. With Valentine's Series going on I thought why not to put a little chocolaty twist to the same biscuits and make it even more yummy. Today's recipe is Chocolaty Little Hearts which is very easy & totally opt for Valentine's Day Celebrations. Whether you are preparing for kids, your soulmate or any other family member; Chocolate with Little Hearts cannot go wrong. Lets see how to make the recipe!!


Chocolaty Little Hearts | Valentine's Day Special Recipe

Ingredients :-

  • 1 packet Little Hearts Biscuits
  • Red Milk Chocolate
  • White Pearl Sprinkles 


Method :-

Step 1. By using Double Boiler Method; melt the Chocolates in a bowl.
You can even Melt the Chocolate in Microwave. For this Recipe I am using Double Boiler Method.
Step 2. Once the Chocolate is melted properly, dip the bottom part of the Biscuit in it.
Step 3. Dip all the Biscuits one by one (only bottom part) and place them on top of the Parchment Paper.
Step 4. While the Chocolate on Biscuits is still melted, add Sprinkles on top of it.
Step 5. Repeat the same for all the Biscuits.
Step 6. Leave it till the Chocolate is completely dry, around half an hour.
Your delicious mouth Chocolaty Little Hearts are ready!! You can store them in air-tight container.


I made Chocolaty Little Hearts but if you are finding difficulty in getting Little Hearts Biscuits you can you your own choice of delicious cookies too.
Do try and share your feedback with us. What is your favorite Chocolate Dish share with us in the comment section.
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