Easy DIY Kite Bookmark | Makar Sankranti Special

Today we are sharing How To Make Easy Kite BookMark DIY with step by step instructions.

Hello me beautiful people!! 😍
Happy Makar Sankranti. In today's post, I am sharing Kid's Special Craft for this Makar Sankranti. We are making a beautiful Kite Bookmark!! Very easy to make and your kids will like it for sure. I am using only washi tape to decorate but you can totally customize it and be creative!!! Let's see how to make it!!!!



DIY Kite Bookmark | Kids's Special

All your Need :-

  • Craft Sheets
  • Glue Stick
  • Popsicle or Ice-cream Stick
  • Washi Tapes
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Rough Page (Optional)


Making Process :-

Step 1. Draw small Kite with using scale or pencil. You can make of any size, I am making 10.5*7.5 size.
Step 2. Now cut 2 small kites using same measurement and using same paper sheet.
Note :- If you want you can first draw and cut on the Rough Page and then use it as a stencil.
Step 3. Place one Kite sheet inside-out and glue the Popsicle and again glue the other Kite on top of it.
Step 4. Make sure that you Glue both the Kites to each other and in between Popsicle by facing front size of the Sheet.
Step 5. Leave it for 5 minutes to dry the Glue completely.
Step 6. Now decorate you Kites with Washy Tapes.
Your cute DIY Kite Bookmark is ready!!

Note :- Use either Kid's friendly Scissors or take your parents help while cutting the Kite.


You can decorate your Kites the way you like, I want to make it very simple that's why I only decorate it with washi tape. I hope your kids like this easy DIY, do try and share your recreations with us.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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