December Favorites | 2017

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Lets begin this year by wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year!! This is my first post of 2018 and at the same time last post of 2017, as in this post I am sharing my December Favorites. In 2017 I started a new section on the blog called as Monthly Favorites and can't believe that it's been a year. 2017 was great for Khushi's World and looking forward to fulfill all the Goals in 2018 too. December was full of celebrations as it gets Christmas and New Year, enjoyed very much. Do you guys celebrate Christmas?? Let me know how was your Christmas and New Year!! :) Without delaying any further let's see what are my December Favorites!
I don't have any Makeup Product this month as my Skin gets very red and is super sensitive to cold weather and heaters, that is the reason I took a break from all the chemical products including lipsticks.


December Favorites | 2017

1. Christmas Festival

I Couldn't resist to include this in my December Favorites list as I had such a great time this Month. Diwali and Christmas are my favorite festivals, even in Christmas I enjoyed more as I didn't have to worry about intense cleaning like I did during Diwali. ;) This is my 3rd Christmas where I celebrated the whole month with Christmas Tree, Decorations and Treats!! This time my husband & I also exchanged Gifts and played lot's of Games. I Absolutely love the Christmas Vibes and definitely gonna miss the Christmas!!!

Christmas Tree at My Home

2. Face, Hair and Body Care :-

a) Coconut and Almond Oil as a Face Oil
The temperature is in minus(-) here and we continuously use Heater, as a result my skin gets flaky and super-duper Red. I try to apply only Oils and try to hydrate my skin as much as I can. On Face I either like to apply Coconut Oil or Almond Oil, these oils helped a-lot in the last month.

b) Aloe Vera Gel as a Face Cream
In morning when my Face gets very Red, I like to apply a layer of Aloe Vera Gel and then follow up with Vitamin-E Serum Oil. This hydrates my skin and also fades the redness.


c) Johnson's Baby Body Oil as a Body Lotion
When I want to go out I like to apply this Oil all over my body like a Body Lotion. It hydrates the skin for longer time and smell like a Coco Butter. Sometimes I like to switch between Coconut Oil and Johnson's Baby Body Oil.

d) Garnier Hair Pack
My Hair gets very dry and frizzy so I make sure that every week I do good Coconut Oil Massage.
After washing my hair I like to apply this Hair Mask, as it is very conditioning and helps to control frizziness.


3. Entertainment :-

a) Movies : Christmas Movies
This month was all about lots of Christmas Movies, every year on Christmas I love to watch many Christmas Movies with a nice cup of Coffee and a bowl full of Popcorns. If I write the whole list about my favorite movies and why they are my favorite then this post will take forever to finish. So here I am listing few movies which are my absolute favorite.
If you have any favorites then share in the comment section, would love to give that a try next year.

1. Home Alone

2. The Grinch Stole Christmas

3. Christmas with the Kranks

4. Arthur Christmas

5. Good Luck Charlie Its Christmas

6. 12 Dates of Christmas

7. Christmas Inheritance

b) Game : Uno Cards
While watching Christmas Movie my husband & I love playing Uno. This is our all time favorite game, very relaxing and fun way to spend time at home. Enjoyed very much last month.

4. Food :-

a) Peppermint Mocha
I made this Drink last month for our Christmas Series, if you haven't checked it yet then you can see the recipe HERE. Me and my husband are obsessed with this Drink. Perfect for Cold days.


b) Peppermint Snow Balls
This recipe also we shared with our Christmas Series time, very delicious and melt like better. Must try treat, absolutely love it!! Click HERE to check the recipe.


c) Toasted White Chocolate Mocha by StarBucks
Every year Holiday season StarBucks comes with lots of Holiday drinks, last month was all about Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. Yummy!!!

d) Ginger Bread by StarBucks
Apart from Starbucks Drinks they also bring Ginger Bread in the collection !! This month I tried Ginger Bread first time and fell in love with the taste. Loved it! Surely gonna miss this Holiday Treat!! :(

5. Miscellaneous :-

I thoroughly enjoyed all my Christmas PJs, Ugly Sweaters, Santa Cups, Christmas Trees and Lights. Daily got ready with Ugly Sweaters, got comfortable on PJs, drunk Hot Coffees on special Mugs, Light up the whole house, basically all the Christmas Vibes!!! The festival was full of positive atmosphere and happiness, will surely gonna miss it!! Enjoyed a lot for 1st Dec to 1st Jan, can't wait for next Christmas.
a) All the Christmas PJs and Ugly Sweaters
b) Christmas Special Santa Mugs
c) Christmas Trees, Lights and Decorations

My Christmas Stuff

These are my December Favorites which I enjoyed throughout the month. Will continue this Favorite Series in 2018 also!! Let me know your December Favorites in the Comments Section!! If you people have any Post related suggestions then let me know.
I hope you people will like this post!! If you want me do Review of the above mentioned products do let me know.

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 Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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